HealthApplicationConfiguration HealthApplicationConfiguration HealthApplicationConfiguration Class


Gives access to the configuration file for the application and exposes some of the settings directly.

public class HealthApplicationConfiguration
type HealthApplicationConfiguration = class
Public Class HealthApplicationConfiguration


HealthApplicationConfiguration() HealthApplicationConfiguration() HealthApplicationConfiguration()


DefaultDefaultRequestTimeout DefaultDefaultRequestTimeout DefaultDefaultRequestTimeout

The default request time out value.

DefaultDefaultRequestTimeToLive DefaultDefaultRequestTimeToLive DefaultDefaultRequestTimeToLive

The default request time to live value.

DefaultHashAlgorithmName DefaultHashAlgorithmName DefaultHashAlgorithmName

The default hash algorithm name.

DefaultHmacAlgorithmName DefaultHmacAlgorithmName DefaultHmacAlgorithmName

The default HMAC algorithm name.

DefaultRequestCompressionThreshold DefaultRequestCompressionThreshold DefaultRequestCompressionThreshold

Default size for compression threshold

DefaultRetryOnInternal500Count DefaultRetryOnInternal500Count DefaultRetryOnInternal500Count

The default number of internal retries.

DefaultRetryOnInternal500SleepSeconds DefaultRetryOnInternal500SleepSeconds DefaultRetryOnInternal500SleepSeconds

Default sleep duration in seconds.

DefaultSignatureAlgorithmName DefaultSignatureAlgorithmName DefaultSignatureAlgorithmName

The default signature algorithm name.

DefaultSignatureHashAlgorithmName DefaultSignatureHashAlgorithmName DefaultSignatureHashAlgorithmName

The default signature hash algorithm name.

DefaultSymmetricAlgorithmName DefaultSymmetricAlgorithmName DefaultSymmetricAlgorithmName

The default symmetric algorithm name.


ApplicationCertificate ApplicationCertificate ApplicationCertificate

Gets a certificate containing the application's private key.

ApplicationId ApplicationId ApplicationId

Gets the application's unique identifier.

BlobStreamUrl BlobStreamUrl BlobStreamUrl

Gets the URL to/from which BLOBs get streamed, for the configured default instance of the HealthVault web-service.

ConnectionLeaseTimeout ConnectionLeaseTimeout ConnectionLeaseTimeout

Gets the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the application's connection can remain open before the HealthVault framework closes the connection.

ConnectionMaxIdleTime ConnectionMaxIdleTime ConnectionMaxIdleTime

Gets the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the application's connection can remain idle before the HealthVault framework closes the connection.

ConnectionUseHttpKeepAlive ConnectionUseHttpKeepAlive ConnectionUseHttpKeepAlive

Gets a value that indicates whether the application uses Http 1.1 persistent connections to HealthVault.

Current Current Current

Gets or sets the current configuration object for the app-domain.

DefaultRequestTimeout DefaultRequestTimeout DefaultRequestTimeout

Gets the request timeout in seconds.

DefaultRequestTimeToLive DefaultRequestTimeToLive DefaultRequestTimeToLive

Gets the request time to live in seconds.

HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName HashAlgorithmName

Gets the name of the hashing algorithm to use when communicating with HealthVault.

HealthClientServiceUrl HealthClientServiceUrl HealthClientServiceUrl

Gets the HealthVault client service URL for the configured default instance of the HealthVault web-service, from the application or web configuration file.

HealthVaultMethodUrl HealthVaultMethodUrl HealthVaultMethodUrl

Gets the HealthVault method request URL for the configured default instance of the HealthVault web-service.

HealthVaultShellUrl HealthVaultShellUrl HealthVaultShellUrl

Gets the HealthVault Shell URL for the configured default instance of the HealthVault web-service.

HealthVaultTypeSchemaUrl HealthVaultTypeSchemaUrl HealthVaultTypeSchemaUrl

Gets the HealthVault type schema root URL for the configured default instance of the HealthVault web-service.

HealthVaultUrl HealthVaultUrl HealthVaultUrl

Gets the root URL for a default instance of the HealthVault web-service.

HmacAlgorithmName HmacAlgorithmName HmacAlgorithmName

Gets the name of the algorithm used to ensure communication with HealthVault isn't tampered with.

InlineBlobHashBlockSize InlineBlobHashBlockSize InlineBlobHashBlockSize

Gets the size in bytes of the block used to hash inlined BLOB data.

MultiInstanceAware MultiInstanceAware MultiInstanceAware

Gets the value which indicates whether the application is able to handle connecting to multiple instances of the HealthVault web-service.

RequestCompressionMethod RequestCompressionMethod RequestCompressionMethod

Gets the method used to compress requests.

RequestCompressionThreshold RequestCompressionThreshold RequestCompressionThreshold

Gets the size in kilobytes above which requests will be compressed.

ResponseCompressionMethods ResponseCompressionMethods ResponseCompressionMethods

Gets the application's supported compression methods that can be sent back from HealtVault during a method response.

RestHealthVaultUrl RestHealthVaultUrl RestHealthVaultUrl

Gets the root URL for a default instance of the Rest HealthVault service

RetryOnInternal500Count RetryOnInternal500Count RetryOnInternal500Count

Gets the number of retries the .NET APIs will make when getting an internal error response (error 500) from HealthVault.

RetryOnInternal500SleepSeconds RetryOnInternal500SleepSeconds RetryOnInternal500SleepSeconds

Gets the sleep duration in seconds between retries due to HealthVault returning an internal error (error 500).

ServiceInfoDefaultCacheTtl ServiceInfoDefaultCacheTtl ServiceInfoDefaultCacheTtl

Gets the value which specifies the period of time before the ServiceInfo.Current built-in cache is considered expired.

SignatureAlgorithmName SignatureAlgorithmName SignatureAlgorithmName

Gets the name of the signature algorithm.

SignatureHashAlgorithmName SignatureHashAlgorithmName SignatureHashAlgorithmName

Gets the name of the signature hash algorithm.

SupportedTypeVersions SupportedTypeVersions SupportedTypeVersions

Gets the type version identifiers of types supported by this application.

SymmetricAlgorithmName SymmetricAlgorithmName SymmetricAlgorithmName

Gets the name of the symmetric algorithm.

UseLegacyTypeVersionSupport UseLegacyTypeVersionSupport UseLegacyTypeVersionSupport

Gets a value indicating whether or not legacy type versioning support should be used.


GetConfigurationString(String) GetConfigurationString(String) GetConfigurationString(String)

Gets the string configuration value given the key

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