HealthRecordItemSections HealthRecordItemSections HealthRecordItemSections Enum


The section that will be or were retrieved when accessing a HealthRecordItem.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum HealthRecordItemSections
type HealthRecordItemSections = 
Public Enum HealthRecordItemSections


All All All 16777279

All sections of the HealthRecordItem are retrieved.

Audits Audits Audits 2

The Audits section of the HealthRecordItem is retrieved.

BlobPayload BlobPayload BlobPayload 8

The BlobPayload section of the HealthRecordItem is retrieved.

Core Core Core 1

The Core section of the HealthRecordItem is retrieved.

Default Default Default 16777217

Default sections HealthRecordItem are retrieved.

EffectivePermissions EffectivePermissions EffectivePermissions 4

The EffectivePermissions section is retrieved, showing the permission granted to the caller of the HealthRecordItem.

None None None 0

No sections are retrieved or represented in the HealthRecordItem object.

Signature Signature Signature 16

The Signature section of the HealthRecordItem is retrieved.

Tags Tags Tags 32

The Tags section of the HealthRecordItem is retrieved.

Xml Xml Xml 16777216

Gets the base XML section.


To enable efficient use of the network, the HealthVault service
retrieves only those portions of a HealthRecordItem that the application needs. These sections are identified in the HealthRecordView when performing a search, and are specified on a HealthRecordItem when the item is retrieved. When UpdateItems(IList<HealthRecordItem>) is called, only specified sections are updated.

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