HealthRecordUpdateInfo.LatestOperationSequenceNumber HealthRecordUpdateInfo.LatestOperationSequenceNumber HealthRecordUpdateInfo.LatestOperationSequenceNumber Property


Gets the record's latest operation sequence number.

public long LatestOperationSequenceNumber { get; }
member this.LatestOperationSequenceNumber : int64
Public ReadOnly Property LatestOperationSequenceNumber As Long

Property Value


The record's operation sequence number is used when sync'ing data from a

record. Anytime an operation is performed against a health record item HealthVault

stamps it with the next increment of the operation sequence number for the record.

For example, the first item added to the record would be stamped with the sequence

number 1, the next operation would stamp the thing with 2, etc. Applications can

determine all operations that have occurred since a known point by calling

GetRecordOperations and passing the sequence number of the known point.

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