HealthRecordUpdateInfo HealthRecordUpdateInfo HealthRecordUpdateInfo Class


Encapsulates information about an updated record and the person associated with that record.

public class HealthRecordUpdateInfo
type HealthRecordUpdateInfo = class
Public Class HealthRecordUpdateInfo


HealthRecordUpdateInfo() HealthRecordUpdateInfo() HealthRecordUpdateInfo()

Create a new instance of the HealthRecordUpdateInfo class for testing purposes.


LastUpdateDate LastUpdateDate LastUpdateDate

Gets or sets the timestamp when an addition, deletion or update occured to the HealthRecordItems in the HealthRecordAccessor

LatestOperationSequenceNumber LatestOperationSequenceNumber LatestOperationSequenceNumber

Gets the record's latest operation sequence number.

PersonId PersonId PersonId

Gets or sets the person ID of the updated record.

RecordId RecordId RecordId

Gets or sets the ID of the HealthRecordAccessor updated.

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