HealthServiceAudit HealthServiceAudit HealthServiceAudit Class


Represents an audit trail of creations or updates to information in the HealthVault service.

public class HealthServiceAudit
type HealthServiceAudit = class
Public Class HealthServiceAudit


The audit records when the operation

happened, by which application, and by which person.


HealthServiceAudit() HealthServiceAudit() HealthServiceAudit()

Creates a new instance of the HealthServiceAudit class using default values.


AccessAvenue AccessAvenue AccessAvenue

Gets the access avenue used to create, change, or delete the HealthRecordItem.

ApplicationId ApplicationId ApplicationId

Gets the unique identifier of the application.

ApplicationName ApplicationName ApplicationName

Gets the name of the application.

AuditAction AuditAction AuditAction

Gets the action performed.

ImpersonatorId ImpersonatorId ImpersonatorId

Gets the unique identifier of the impersonator.

ImpersonatorName ImpersonatorName ImpersonatorName

Gets the name of the impersonator.

MasterApplicationId MasterApplicationId MasterApplicationId

The unique application identifier for the code base of the application that created the audit.

PersonId PersonId PersonId

Gets the unique identifier of the person.

PersonName PersonName PersonName

Gets the name of the person.

Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp

Gets the time stamp of the audit.


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets a string representation of the object.

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