HealthServiceConnection.CreateRequest(String, Int32) HealthServiceConnection.CreateRequest(String, Int32) HealthServiceConnection.CreateRequest(String, Int32) Method


Provides a wrapper around the XML request for the web service.

public virtual Microsoft.Health.HealthServiceRequest CreateRequest (string methodName, int methodVersion);
abstract member CreateRequest : string * int -> Microsoft.Health.HealthServiceRequest
override this.CreateRequest : string * int -> Microsoft.Health.HealthServiceRequest
Public Overridable Function CreateRequest (methodName As String, methodVersion As Integer) As HealthServiceRequest


String String String

The name of the method of the web-service to call.

Int32 Int32 Int32

The version of the method to call.


A HealthServiceRequest that acts as a wrapper to XML request for the HealthVault web-service.



This method skips the object model provided by the other

methods of this class and acts as a simple wrapper around the XML

request for the web service. The caller must provide the parameters

in the correct format for the called method and in order to parse

the response data.

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