HealthServiceConnection HealthServiceConnection HealthServiceConnection Class


Simplifies access to the HealthVault service. This class is abstract.

public abstract class HealthServiceConnection
type HealthServiceConnection = class
Public MustInherit Class HealthServiceConnection


A connection must be made to the HealthVault service to access the web methods that the service exposes. The class does not maintain an open connection to the service. It uses XML over HTTP to make requests and receive responses from the service. The connection just maintains the data necessary to make the request.

You cannot directly instantiate this abstract class. Instead, instantiate an instance of ApplicationConnection or AuthenticatedConnection to communicate with the Microsoft HealthVault service.


ApplicationId ApplicationId ApplicationId

Gets the calling application's ID.

AuthenticationToken AuthenticationToken AuthenticationToken

Gets the authorization token to be used in all requests for this user.

CancelAllRequests CancelAllRequests CancelAllRequests

Cancels any pending request to HealthVault that was initiated with this connection instance and prevents any new requests from being made.

Credential Credential Credential

Gets or sets the application credential that is used to access HealthVault.

Culture Culture Culture

Gets or sets the language to be sent to the server when making requests.

RequestCompressionMethod RequestCompressionMethod RequestCompressionMethod

Gets or sets the request compression method for this connection.

RequestTimeoutSeconds RequestTimeoutSeconds RequestTimeoutSeconds

Gets or sets the request timeout in seconds.

RequestTimeToLive RequestTimeToLive RequestTimeToLive

Gets or sets the request time-to-live in seconds.

RequestUrl RequestUrl RequestUrl

Gets the HealthVault web-service URL.

ResponseCompressionMethods ResponseCompressionMethods ResponseCompressionMethods

Gets or sets the comma-separated response compression methods.

ServiceInstance ServiceInstance ServiceInstance

Gets the HealthVault web-service instance associated with this connection.

WebProxy WebProxy WebProxy

Gets or sets the proxy to use with this instance of HealthServiceConnection.


CreateRequest(String, Int32) CreateRequest(String, Int32) CreateRequest(String, Int32)

Provides a wrapper around the XML request for the web service.

GetServiceDefinition(ServiceInfoSections, DateTime) GetServiceDefinition(ServiceInfoSections, DateTime) GetServiceDefinition(ServiceInfoSections, DateTime)

Gets information about the HealthVault service corresponding to the specified categories if the requested information has been updated since the specified update time.

GetServiceDefinition(DateTime) GetServiceDefinition(DateTime) GetServiceDefinition(DateTime)

Gets information about the HealthVault service only if it has been updated since the specified update time.

GetServiceDefinition() GetServiceDefinition() GetServiceDefinition()

Gets information about the HealthVault service.

GetServiceDefinition(ServiceInfoSections) GetServiceDefinition(ServiceInfoSections) GetServiceDefinition(ServiceInfoSections)

Gets information about the HealthVault service corresponding to the specified categories.

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