HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo Class


Provides information about the supported versions of a HealthVault service web method.

public class HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo
type HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo = class
Public Class HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo


HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo(HealthServiceMethodInfo) HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo(HealthServiceMethodInfo) HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo(HealthServiceMethodInfo)

Creates a new instance of the HealthServiceMethodVersionInfo class.


Name Name Name

Gets the name of the method.

RequestFileName RequestFileName RequestFileName

Gets the file name of the request schema.

RequestSchemaUrl RequestSchemaUrl RequestSchemaUrl

Gets the URL of the request schema for the method.

ResponseFileName ResponseFileName ResponseFileName

Gets the file name of the response schema.

ResponseSchemaUrl ResponseSchemaUrl ResponseSchemaUrl

Gets the URL of the response schema for the method.

Version Version Version

Gets the method version number.

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