HealthServiceStatusCode HealthServiceStatusCode HealthServiceStatusCode Enum


Status codes for various conditions occurring in the SDK. Contains status codes returned by HealthVault methods as Response.Code and codes to represent errors in the SDK itself.

public enum HealthServiceStatusCode
type HealthServiceStatusCode = 
Public Enum HealthServiceStatusCode


AccessDenied AccessDenied AccessDenied 11

Person or app does not have sufficient rights.

AccountPaired AccountPaired AccountPaired 184

The account is already paired.

AlternateIdNotFound AlternateIdNotFound AlternateIdNotFound 140

The alternate id was not found.

AlternateIdsLimitExceeded AlternateIdsLimitExceeded AlternateIdsLimitExceeded 141

The maximum number of alternate ids was exceeded.

ApplicationAuthorizationNotRequired ApplicationAuthorizationNotRequired ApplicationAuthorizationNotRequired 38

Application authorization is not required for this app.

ApplicationCacheRequestDuplicateKey ApplicationCacheRequestDuplicateKey ApplicationCacheRequestDuplicateKey 165

A key was specified more than once in the request in an application cache request.

ApplicationCacheRequestInvalidItem ApplicationCacheRequestInvalidItem ApplicationCacheRequestInvalidItem 166

One or more cache items are invalid. A cache item with force-overwrite set to true cannot specify an old-version-id.

ApplicationCacheRequestTooLarge ApplicationCacheRequestTooLarge ApplicationCacheRequestTooLarge 167

Cache operation has failed due to capacity limits.

ApplicationLimitExceeded ApplicationLimitExceeded ApplicationLimitExceeded 93

The number of applications for the person has been exceeded.

ApplicationStateTransitionNotSupported ApplicationStateTransitionNotSupported ApplicationStateTransitionNotSupported 113

Changing the application state from deleted is not supported.

AppManagerAuthAlreadyExist AppManagerAuthAlreadyExist AppManagerAuthAlreadyExist 118

Application Manager authorization already exists

AppManagerAuthDoesNotExist AppManagerAuthDoesNotExist AppManagerAuthDoesNotExist 119

Application Manager authorization specified does not exist.

AppManagerAuthInviteDuplicate AppManagerAuthInviteDuplicate AppManagerAuthInviteDuplicate 114

Application Manager authorization invite already exists.

AppNotEnabledForMeaningfulUse AppNotEnabledForMeaningfulUse AppNotEnabledForMeaningfulUse 174

Meaningful Use sources were specified though application is not Meaningful Use enabled.

AuthenticatedSessionTokenExpired AuthenticatedSessionTokenExpired AuthenticatedSessionTokenExpired 65

authenticated session token has expired, need a new one.

BadHttp BadHttp BadHttp 2

Http protocol problem.

BadMethod BadMethod BadMethod 5

No such method.

BlobHashAlgorithmMismatch BlobHashAlgorithmMismatch BlobHashAlgorithmMismatch 108

The specified blob hash algorithm does not match the blob's hash algorithm.

BlobHashBlockSizeMismatch BlobHashBlockSizeMismatch BlobHashBlockSizeMismatch 109

The specified blob hash block size does not match the blob's hash block size.

BlobSizeTooLargeForInline BlobSizeTooLargeForInline BlobSizeTooLargeForInline 99

The blob is too large and cannot be returned inline.

BlobTokenCommitted BlobTokenCommitted BlobTokenCommitted 101

The blob token corresponds to a blob that is already committed.

BlobTokenNotCompleted BlobTokenNotCompleted BlobTokenNotCompleted 102

The blob token corresponds to a blob that was not marked completed through the streaming interface.

CannotChangeReadOnlyFlag CannotChangeReadOnlyFlag CannotChangeReadOnlyFlag 156

Cannot change immutable flag to false if it is true.

CannotCreateReadOnlyThing CannotCreateReadOnlyThing CannotCreateReadOnlyThing 155

Cannot create immutable thing instance.

CannotGetDataNotSet CannotGetDataNotSet CannotGetDataNotSet -8

The data element was not set, so it could not be retrieved.

CannotGetStreamedOtherData CannotGetStreamedOtherData CannotGetStreamedOtherData 89

Other data put in to Healthvault via the streaming API cannot be requested as an other data string.

CannotRemoveLastCredential CannotRemoveLastCredential CannotRemoveLastCredential 83

Cannot remove the last credential associated with an account.

CannotRemoveLastCustodian CannotRemoveLastCustodian CannotRemoveLastCustodian 47

The last custodian for a record cannot be removed.

CannotSetReadOnlyFlag CannotSetReadOnlyFlag CannotSetReadOnlyFlag 161

Cannot set immutable flag to true on update.

CannotUpdateReadOnlyThing CannotUpdateReadOnlyThing CannotUpdateReadOnlyThing 154

Cannot update immutable thing instance.

CantConvertUnits CantConvertUnits CantConvertUnits 14

Data table already exists with incompatible units.

ChildAppsNotEnabledForMeaningfulUse ChildAppsNotEnabledForMeaningfulUse ChildAppsNotEnabledForMeaningfulUse 175

Meaningful Use sources ceiling were specified though application's method ceiling is not Meaningful Use enabled.

ClientIdReferencesMultipleThings ClientIdReferencesMultipleThings ClientIdReferencesMultipleThings 189

The client ID references multiple things.

CommunicationPreferencesAccessTokenExpired CommunicationPreferencesAccessTokenExpired CommunicationPreferencesAccessTokenExpired 162

The communication preferences access token has expired.

ConfigValueMissingOrMalformed ConfigValueMissingOrMalformed ConfigValueMissingOrMalformed -9

A required configuration value is missing or malformed for the key supplied.

ConnectPackageValidationRequired ConnectPackageValidationRequired ConnectPackageValidationRequired 122

The contents of the connect package must be validated before they are put into a health record.

ConnectRequestAlreadyAuthorized ConnectRequestAlreadyAuthorized ConnectRequestAlreadyAuthorized 84

The connect request has already been authorized.

ContentEncodingDataMismatch ContentEncodingDataMismatch ContentEncodingDataMismatch 92

The content encoding specified for the blob does not match the blob data.

CouldNotEnqueue CouldNotEnqueue CouldNotEnqueue 149

There was an error when trying to add the messages to the queue.

CreatePackageExists CreatePackageExists CreatePackageExists 96

The connect package was previously fully populated and a new package cannot be attached.

CredentialNotFound CredentialNotFound CredentialNotFound 82

The requested credential could not be found.

CredentialsLimitExceeded CredentialsLimitExceeded CredentialsLimitExceeded 86

The maximum number of allowed credentials has been exceeded.

CredentialTokenExpired CredentialTokenExpired CredentialTokenExpired 7

credntial token has expired, need a new one.

CultureNotSupported CultureNotSupported CultureNotSupported 76

The culture specified in the request header is not supported for the attempted operation.

DataConnectionNotFound DataConnectionNotFound DataConnectionNotFound 176

DataPull:Update/Remove DataConnection - Connection not found.

DataConnectionStatusError DataConnectionStatusError DataConnectionStatusError 178

DataConnection is not enabled.

DirectAddressNotFound DirectAddressNotFound DirectAddressNotFound 171

The direct address could not be found.

DomainNameNotSet DomainNameNotSet DomainNameNotSet 64

The application's domain name is not set.

DrugNotFound DrugNotFound DrugNotFound 24

Cannot find the drug specified.

DuplicateAlternateId DuplicateAlternateId DuplicateAlternateId 139

The alternate id already exists.

DuplicateApplicationId DuplicateApplicationId DuplicateApplicationId 136

An application already exists for the token/application id.

DuplicateAppLocationInfo DuplicateAppLocationInfo DuplicateAppLocationInfo 150

The specified location already exists for this application, or a warning message in the specified language already exists for this location.

DuplicateAuthorizedRecordFound DuplicateAuthorizedRecordFound DuplicateAuthorizedRecordFound 40

Duplicate authorized record found.

DuplicateBlob DuplicateBlob DuplicateBlob 100

A blob of this name is already present in the request.

DuplicateConnectRequestFound DuplicateConnectRequestFound DuplicateConnectRequestFound 79

Duplicate connect request found.

DuplicateCredentialFound DuplicateCredentialFound DuplicateCredentialFound 22

Duplicate Credential found.

DuplicateDirectAddress DuplicateDirectAddress DuplicateDirectAddress 168

Direct Address already exists.

DuplicateGroupFound DuplicateGroupFound DuplicateGroupFound 42

A group already exists with the specified name.

DuplicateMeaningfulUseSources DuplicateMeaningfulUseSources DuplicateMeaningfulUseSources 173

One or more invalid Meaningful Use sources were specified due to duplicates.

DuplicateTypeFound DuplicateTypeFound DuplicateTypeFound 81

An attempt was made to add a new type with an identifier that already exists.

EmailNotValidated EmailNotValidated EmailNotValidated 41

Person email must be validated but it's not

EncryptedCredentialExpired EncryptedCredentialExpired EncryptedCredentialExpired 138

The encrypted credential has expired.

EntityManagerAuthAlreadyExist EntityManagerAuthAlreadyExist EntityManagerAuthAlreadyExist 118

Entity Manager authorization already exists

EntityManagerAuthDoesNotExist EntityManagerAuthDoesNotExist EntityManagerAuthDoesNotExist 119

Entity Manager authorization specified does not exist.

EntityManagerAuthInviteDuplicate EntityManagerAuthInviteDuplicate EntityManagerAuthInviteDuplicate 114

Entity Manager authorization invite already exists.

ExistingAppManagerAuthInviteNotFound ExistingAppManagerAuthInviteNotFound ExistingAppManagerAuthInviteNotFound 115

Application Manager invite is not found for re-send

ExistingEntityManagerAuthInviteNotFound ExistingEntityManagerAuthInviteNotFound ExistingEntityManagerAuthInviteNotFound 115

Entity Manager invite is not found for re-send

Failed Failed Failed 1

Generic failure, due to unknown causes or internal error.

GrantAuthorizationExceedsDefault GrantAuthorizationExceedsDefault GrantAuthorizationExceedsDefault 54

The permissions to be granted exceed the default permissions available to be granted. e.g. attempt to grant all access when only read access is available.

GroupAlreadyHasParent GroupAlreadyHasParent GroupAlreadyHasParent 43

The group already is a member of a group.

GroupMembershipCycleDetected GroupMembershipCycleDetected GroupMembershipCycleDetected 44

Adding the group as a member of the specified group would cause a cycle in the group membership.

IncompleteConnectRequest IncompleteConnectRequest IncompleteConnectRequest 95

The connect request retrieved is not yet fully created.

InvalidAccountName InvalidAccountName InvalidAccountName 29

Invalid group/person name to create a group.

InvalidAge InvalidAge InvalidAge 157

Age not supported for new accounts.

InvalidApp InvalidApp InvalidApp 6

App does not exist, app is invalid, app is not active, or calling IP is invalid.

InvalidApplicationAuthorization InvalidApplicationAuthorization InvalidApplicationAuthorization 18

authorized_applications entry missing.

InvalidApplicationCreationToken InvalidApplicationCreationToken InvalidApplicationCreationToken 135

The application creation token was invalid.

InvalidAppManagerAuthToken InvalidAppManagerAuthToken InvalidAppManagerAuthToken 116

Application Manager invite token is invalid.

InvalidBinaryContentId InvalidBinaryContentId InvalidBinaryContentId 94

The unique identifier for the binary content could not be found.

InvalidBlobHash InvalidBlobHash InvalidBlobHash 111

The specified blob hash is invalid.

InvalidBlobHashAlgorithm InvalidBlobHashAlgorithm InvalidBlobHashAlgorithm 106

The blob hash algorithm is invalid or not supported.

InvalidBlobRefUrl InvalidBlobRefUrl InvalidBlobRefUrl 88

The reference url supplied for the blob streaming API is invalid.

InvalidCertificate InvalidCertificate InvalidCertificate 70

The certificate is not valid. It may be expired or have been revoked.

InvalidCodeSet InvalidCodeSet InvalidCodeSet 26

Requested code set was not found.

InvalidContactEmail InvalidContactEmail InvalidContactEmail 30

Invalid contact email to create a group.

InvalidContentType InvalidContentType InvalidContentType 121

The content type of the file is not supported.

InvalidCredentialKey InvalidCredentialKey InvalidCredentialKey 66

Indicates that the credential key could not be found.

InvalidCredentialType InvalidCredentialType InvalidCredentialType 36

Invalid credential type.

InvalidDateTime InvalidDateTime InvalidDateTime 69

the datetime exceeds the maximum or minimum values allowed by System.DateTime or System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlDateTime

InvalidDirectAddress InvalidDirectAddress InvalidDirectAddress 169

Direct address invalid format.

InvalidDirectoryItem InvalidDirectoryItem InvalidDirectoryItem 126

Then directory item specified does not exist or is invalid.

InvalidDirectoryState InvalidDirectoryState InvalidDirectoryState 128

Then directory item state specified is invalid.

InvalidDirectoryType InvalidDirectoryType InvalidDirectoryType 127

Then directory item type specified is invalid.

InvalidEmailAddress InvalidEmailAddress InvalidEmailAddress 48

The email address is invalid.

InvalidEntityManagerAuthToken InvalidEntityManagerAuthToken InvalidEntityManagerAuthToken 116

Entity Manager invite token is invalid.

InvalidEntityType InvalidEntityType InvalidEntityType 125

Then entity type is not valid.

InvalidFileExtension InvalidFileExtension InvalidFileExtension 77

The file extension is not supported.

InvalidFileName InvalidFileName InvalidFileName 97

The file name extension is not supported.

InvalidFilter InvalidFilter InvalidFilter 15

Missing or invalid GetThingsFilter.

InvalidFormat InvalidFormat InvalidFormat 16

Missing or invalid GetThings format specifier.

InvalidGroup InvalidGroup InvalidGroup 27

Group does not exist, group is invalid, or group is not active.

InvalidIdentityCode InvalidIdentityCode InvalidIdentityCode 74

There is no connect request corresponding to the given code.

InvalidInstanceId InvalidInstanceId InvalidInstanceId 153

The specified HealthVault instance identifier is invalid.

InvalidIPAddress InvalidIPAddress InvalidIPAddress 158

IP Address not supported for method invocation.

InvalidLogOnName InvalidLogOnName InvalidLogOnName 31

Invalid logon name.

InvalidMeaningfulUseSource InvalidMeaningfulUseSource InvalidMeaningfulUseSource 172

One or more invalid Meaningful Use sources were specified.

InvalidMethod InvalidMethod InvalidMethod 87

One or more invalid methods were specified in the method mask.

InvalidMshUserId InvalidMshUserId InvalidMshUserId 187

Invalid Microsoft Heath User ID

InvalidPackageContents InvalidPackageContents InvalidPackageContents 120

The contents of the connect package are not valid xml.

InvalidPassword InvalidPassword InvalidPassword 32

Invalid password.

InvalidPerson InvalidPerson InvalidPerson 9

Person does not exist or is not active.

InvalidPersonOrGroupId InvalidPersonOrGroupId InvalidPersonOrGroupId 67

Pseudo id for person or group not valid

InvalidPersonState InvalidPersonState InvalidPersonState 25

Invalid person state.

InvalidPromotionToken InvalidPromotionToken InvalidPromotionToken 51

Promotion token is invalid.

InvalidPublicKey InvalidPublicKey InvalidPublicKey 63

Public key specified is not valid.

InvalidRecord InvalidRecord InvalidRecord 10

Given record id does not exist.

InvalidRecordAuthorizationToken InvalidRecordAuthorizationToken InvalidRecordAuthorizationToken 52

Record authorization token is invalid.

InvalidRecordName InvalidRecordName InvalidRecordName 23

Invalid Record name.

InvalidRecordState InvalidRecordState InvalidRecordState 37

Invalid record state.

InvalidRelationshipType InvalidRelationshipType InvalidRelationshipType 35

Invalid relationship type.

InvalidRequestIntegrity InvalidRequestIntegrity InvalidRequestIntegrity 4

The signature is invalid.

InvalidSaml2Token InvalidSaml2Token InvalidSaml2Token 163

Cannot process SAML 2.0 token

InvalidSignalType InvalidSignalType InvalidSignalType 179

The specified signal type is invalid.

InvalidSignatureAlgorithm InvalidSignatureAlgorithm InvalidSignatureAlgorithm 105

The signature algorithm is not valid.

InvalidSignupCode InvalidSignupCode InvalidSignupCode 98

The signup code is invalid.

InvalidSourceId InvalidSourceId InvalidSourceId 177

DataPull: SourceId is either not active or not a data adapter.

InvalidSpecialAccountType InvalidSpecialAccountType InvalidSpecialAccountType 80

The account type being requested is not valid.

InvalidSponsorEmail InvalidSponsorEmail InvalidSponsorEmail 50

The sponsor email address is invalid.

InvalidThing InvalidThing InvalidThing 13

Invalid thing identifier.

InvalidThingOrderSpecs InvalidThingOrderSpecs InvalidThingOrderSpecs 180

The specified GetThings order-by specifications are invalid.

InvalidThingState InvalidThingState InvalidThingState 123

Invalid thing state.

InvalidThingType InvalidThingType InvalidThingType 19

thing type doesn't exist.

InvalidThingTypeVersion InvalidThingTypeVersion InvalidThingTypeVersion 85

The type specified to update an instance of a thing is an older version of the type than the existing instance.

InvalidToken InvalidToken InvalidToken 8

Auth token malformed or otherwise busted.

InvalidTransform InvalidTransform InvalidTransform 34

Transform cannot be loaded.

InvalidValidationToken InvalidValidationToken InvalidValidationToken 28

Invalid validation token for contact email validation.

InvalidVerificationAnswer InvalidVerificationAnswer InvalidVerificationAnswer 73

The verification answer for the connect request is invalid.

InvalidVerificationClientId InvalidVerificationClientId InvalidVerificationClientId 188

Client id value for connect request invalid.

InvalidVerificationQuestion InvalidVerificationQuestion InvalidVerificationQuestion 72

The verification question for the connect request is invalid.

InvalidVocabulary InvalidVocabulary InvalidVocabulary 55

Requested code set was not found.

InvalidVocabularyAuthorization InvalidVocabularyAuthorization InvalidVocabularyAuthorization 129

The vocbulary authorization is invalid.

InvalidVocabularyItem InvalidVocabularyItem InvalidVocabularyItem 78

The vocabulary item does not exist.

InvalidXml InvalidXml InvalidXml 3

Request xml cannot be parsed or nonconformant.

MailAddressMalformed MailAddressMalformed MailAddressMalformed 45

The email address specified to SendInsecureMessage is malformed.

MaintenanceModeAccessDenied MaintenanceModeAccessDenied MaintenanceModeAccessDenied 152

Access is denied temporarily because HealthVault is in maintenance mode.

Max Max Max 191

The maximum value of the status code that the SDK knows about. This is not a valid status code.

MaxDirectAddressesExceeded MaxDirectAddressesExceeded MaxDirectAddressesExceeded 170

The maximum number of direct addresses has been exceeded.

MeaningfulUseFeatureDisabled MeaningfulUseFeatureDisabled MeaningfulUseFeatureDisabled 164

Invalid operation if Meaningful Use feature is disabled.

MissingSharedSecret MissingSharedSecret MissingSharedSecret 17

A credential was supplied without a shared secret.

MoreThanOnePersonReturned MoreThanOnePersonReturned MoreThanOnePersonReturned -4

Information about multiple persons was returned when only a single result was expected.

MoreThanOneThingReturned MoreThanOneThingReturned MoreThanOneThingReturned -2

Information about multiple record items was returned when only a single result was expected.

MshUserIdPaired MshUserIdPaired MshUserIdPaired 186

The Microsoft Health user ID is already paired with another account.

NoApplicationInfoReturned NoApplicationInfoReturned NoApplicationInfoReturned -5

The application information could not be returned for the specified application identifier.

NoRecordAuthDataForUpdate NoRecordAuthDataForUpdate NoRecordAuthDataForUpdate -7

The record authorization data wasn't supplied to allow the update to occur.

NotRecordCustodian NotRecordCustodian NotRecordCustodian -6

A person other than a record custodian tried to perform a privileged action.

NotYetImplemented NotYetImplemented NotYetImplemented 12

The functionality being accessed is not yet implemented.

Ok Ok Ok 0

The request was successful.

OtherDataItemSizeLimitExceeded OtherDataItemSizeLimitExceeded OtherDataItemSizeLimitExceeded -11

The other data item cannot be larger than the largest size allowed by the HealthVault platform.

PackageBlobNotCommitted PackageBlobNotCommitted PackageBlobNotCommitted 112

The blob is associated with a connect package that is not yet created.

PairingRecordRequirementsNotMet PairingRecordRequirementsNotMet PairingRecordRequirementsNotMet 185

The record does not meet the requirements for pairing.

PasswordNotStrong PasswordNotStrong PasswordNotStrong 46

The password does not meet the complexity requirements.

PersonalFlagUnsupported PersonalFlagUnsupported PersonalFlagUnsupported 131

Setting the personal flag is not supported on the type.

RecordAuditNotFound RecordAuditNotFound RecordAuditNotFound 143

The Record Audit was not found.

RecordAuthorizationDoesNotExist RecordAuthorizationDoesNotExist RecordAuthorizationDoesNotExist 58

Record authorization does not exist.

RecordAuthorizationFailure RecordAuthorizationFailure RecordAuthorizationFailure -10

A record was not authorized for the application.

RecordAuthorizationTokenExpired RecordAuthorizationTokenExpired RecordAuthorizationTokenExpired 57

Record authorization token has expired.

RecordIdPaired RecordIdPaired RecordIdPaired 190

HealthVault record ID is already paired with another Microsoft Health user ID.

RecordLocationNotSupported RecordLocationNotSupported RecordLocationNotSupported 147

The record location is not supported by the application.

RecordNotFound RecordNotFound RecordNotFound -3

The record specified in the request could not be found.

RecordQuotaExceeded RecordQuotaExceeded RecordQuotaExceeded 68

The size occupied by the HealthRecordItems in the request will cause the HealthRecordInfo to exceed the size quota allotted to it.

RecordSharingInvitationPinMismatch RecordSharingInvitationPinMismatch RecordSharingInvitationPinMismatch 144

An incorrect pin was used to accept a record sharing invitation.

RecordSharingMaximumNumberOfAttemptsExceeded RecordSharingMaximumNumberOfAttemptsExceeded RecordSharingMaximumNumberOfAttemptsExceeded 145

The maximum number of attempts for accepting/rejecting the sharing invitation has been exceeded.

RecordStoreUnavailable RecordStoreUnavailable RecordStoreUnavailable 182

Record store is not available.

RecordUnderMaintenance RecordUnderMaintenance RecordUnderMaintenance 183

When record is under maintenance, all reads and writes are blocked.

RemoveLocationsInvalidWarningMessages RemoveLocationsInvalidWarningMessages RemoveLocationsInvalidWarningMessages 151

The auth allowed warning messages are not required in the input for the remove app locations method.

RequestTimedOut RequestTimedOut RequestTimedOut 49

The request sent to HealthVault reached its time to live and is now too old to be processed.

RequestTooLong RequestTooLong RequestTooLong 39

The request provided has exceeded maximum allowed request length.

ResendAppManagerInviteFailed ResendAppManagerInviteFailed ResendAppManagerInviteFailed 117

Cannot resend application manager invite

ResendEntityManagerInviteFailed ResendEntityManagerInviteFailed ResendEntityManagerInviteFailed 117

Cannot resend entity manager invite

ResponseTooLong ResponseTooLong ResponseTooLong 71

The response has exceeded maximum size allowed.

RetryLimitExceeded RetryLimitExceeded RetryLimitExceeded 75

Number of retries has been exceeded.

SharingRequestingApplicationNotFound SharingRequestingApplicationNotFound SharingRequestingApplicationNotFound 137

The application requesting the sharing invitation was not found.

SubscriptionInvalid SubscriptionInvalid SubscriptionInvalid 134

The subscription contains invalid data.

SubscriptionLimitExceeded SubscriptionLimitExceeded SubscriptionLimitExceeded 133

The number of subscriptions for the application was exceeded.

SubscriptionNotFound SubscriptionNotFound SubscriptionNotFound 132

The requested subscription was not found.

ThingPotentiallyIncomplete ThingPotentiallyIncomplete ThingPotentiallyIncomplete 104

The thing being updated has data items that cannot be seen in this version, e.g. signatures with new signature methods or multiple blobs.

ThingSortNotEnabled ThingSortNotEnabled ThingSortNotEnabled 181

Thing sort functionality is not enabled.

ThingTypeImmutable ThingTypeImmutable ThingTypeImmutable 20

can't update things of this type.

ThingTypeNotCreatable ThingTypeNotCreatable ThingTypeNotCreatable 21

can't create things of this type.

ThingTypeNotDeletable ThingTypeNotDeletable ThingTypeNotDeletable 59

can't delete things of this type.

TooManyMessages TooManyMessages TooManyMessages 148

The number of messages to be enqueued exceeds the config-defined limit.

TooManyRequestGroupsInQuery TooManyRequestGroupsInQuery TooManyRequestGroupsInQuery 53

GetThings Query has too many request groups.

TooManyThingsSpecified TooManyThingsSpecified TooManyThingsSpecified 124

The maximum number of things specified has been exceeded.

UnmappedError UnmappedError UnmappedError -1

The error condition is not recognized by the client.

UnsupportedBlobHashBlockSize UnsupportedBlobHashBlockSize UnsupportedBlobHashBlockSize 107

The blob hash block size is unsupported.

UnsupportedContentEncoding UnsupportedContentEncoding UnsupportedContentEncoding 91

The content encoding specified for the blob is not supported.

UnsupportedSignatureMethod UnsupportedSignatureMethod UnsupportedSignatureMethod 110

The signature method is not supported in the context it is being used.

UpdateConcurrencyViolation UpdateConcurrencyViolation UpdateConcurrencyViolation 146

Optimistic concurrency violation detected.

UpdateThingTypeVersionNoDataXml UpdateThingTypeVersionNoDataXml UpdateThingTypeVersionNoDataXml 90

The type version of the thing cannot be changed without a data xml supplied for validation.

VersionStampMismatch VersionStampMismatch VersionStampMismatch 61

Version stamp does not match.

VersionStampMissing VersionStampMissing VersionStampMissing 60

Version stamp is missing.

VocabularyAccessDenied VocabularyAccessDenied VocabularyAccessDenied 130

Access to the requested vocabulary is denied.

VocabularyLoadError VocabularyLoadError VocabularyLoadError 56

An error occurred loading the vocabulary.

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