TaskRangeMetric TaskRangeMetric TaskRangeMetric Class


The rules that a HealthVault item must meet to count toward task occurrence.

public class TaskRangeMetric : Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.HealthRecordItemData
type TaskRangeMetric = class
    inherit HealthRecordItemData
Public Class TaskRangeMetric
Inherits HealthRecordItemData


TaskRangeMetric() TaskRangeMetric() TaskRangeMetric()

Creates a new TaskRangeMetric.

TaskRangeMetric(String) TaskRangeMetric(String) TaskRangeMetric(String)

Creates a new TaskRangeMetric.


MaxTarget MaxTarget MaxTarget

The maximum allowed value of the property.

MinTarget MinTarget MinTarget

he minimum allowed value of the property.

PropertyXPath PropertyXPath PropertyXPath

The xpath to the property to be evaluated within the item XML.


ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator)

Populates this TaskRangeMetric instance from the data in the XML.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Get a string representation of the object.

WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter)

Writes the item data to the specified XmlWriter.

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