CarePlanGoalGroup CarePlanGoalGroup CarePlanGoalGroup Class


Goal groups are used to group related measurement goals together.

public class CarePlanGoalGroup : Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.HealthRecordItemData
type CarePlanGoalGroup = class
    inherit HealthRecordItemData
Public Class CarePlanGoalGroup
Inherits HealthRecordItemData


For example, blood pressure has two individual measurement goals (systolic and diastolic) but are grouped 
together under blood pressure.


CarePlanGoalGroup() CarePlanGoalGroup() CarePlanGoalGroup()

Creates a new instance of the CarePlanGoalGroup class with default values.

CarePlanGoalGroup(CodableValue, Collection<CarePlanGoal>) CarePlanGoalGroup(CodableValue, Collection<CarePlanGoal>) CarePlanGoalGroup(CodableValue, Collection<CarePlanGoal>)

Creates a new instance of the CarePlanGoalGroup class specifying mandatory values.


Description Description Description

Gets or sets description of the goal group.

Goals Goals Goals

Gets or sets list of care plan goals associated with this goal group.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets name of the goal group.


ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator)

Populates this CarePlanGoalGroup instance from the data in the specified XML.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets a string representation of the CarePlanGoalGroup.

WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter)

Writes the XML representation of the CarePlanGoalGroup into the specified XML writer.

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