LabTestType LabTestType LabTestType Class


Represents a lab test component, including the lab result value.

public class LabTestType : Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.HealthRecordItemData
type LabTestType = class
    inherit HealthRecordItemData
Public Class LabTestType
Inherits HealthRecordItemData


LabTestType() LabTestType() LabTestType()

Constructs a new instance of the LabTestType class with default values.

LabTestType(HealthServiceDateTime) LabTestType(HealthServiceDateTime) LabTestType(HealthServiceDateTime)

Constructs a new instance of the LabTestType with the specified test date.


Code Code Code

Gets a collection of the clinical code(s) used for the test.

CollectionMethod CollectionMethod CollectionMethod

Gets or sets the method used to collect the substance.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets the description for the test.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of the test.

Result Result Result

Gets or sets the result of the lab test.

Status Status Status

Gets or sets the status of the lab results.

Substance Substance Substance

Gets or sets the substance that was tested.

TestAbbreviation TestAbbreviation TestAbbreviation

Gets or sets the abbreviation for the test.

When When When

Gets or sets the date when the lab test was conducted.


ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator)

Populates the data for the lab test type from the XML.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets a string representation of the lab test type.

WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter)

Writes the lab test type data to the specified XML writer.

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