LabTestResultGroupV1 LabTestResultGroupV1 LabTestResultGroupV1 Class


A set of lab test results.

public class LabTestResultGroupV1 : Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.HealthRecordItemData
type LabTestResultGroupV1 = class
    inherit HealthRecordItemData
Public Class LabTestResultGroupV1
Inherits HealthRecordItemData


LabTestResultGroupV1() LabTestResultGroupV1() LabTestResultGroupV1()

Initialize a new instance of the LabTestResultGroupV1 class with default values.

LabTestResultGroupV1(CodableValue) LabTestResultGroupV1(CodableValue) LabTestResultGroupV1(CodableValue)

Initialize a new instance of the LabTestResultGroup class with group name.


GroupName GroupName GroupName

Gets or sets the name of this set of tests.

LaboratoryName LaboratoryName LaboratoryName

Gets or sets the information about the laboratory which performed this set of tests.

Results Results Results

Gets a set of results for this group.

Status Status Status

Gets or sets the overall status of this group and the sub group tests.

SubGroups SubGroups SubGroups

Gets lab test result sub groups.


ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator)

Populates this LabTestResultGroupV1 instance from the data in the XML.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets a string representation of the lab test results group type item.

WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter)

Writes the lab test results group type data to the specified XmlWriter.

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