PasswordProtectAlgorithm PasswordProtectAlgorithm PasswordProtectAlgorithm Enum


Represents the algorithm used to protect a package of data with a password.

public enum PasswordProtectAlgorithm
type PasswordProtectAlgorithm = 
Public Enum PasswordProtectAlgorithm


HmacSha13Des HmacSha13Des HmacSha13Des 2

The package is encrypted using the HMAC-SHA1 pseudo-random and 3DES encryption functions.

HmacSha256Aes256 HmacSha256Aes256 HmacSha256Aes256 3

The package is encrypted using the HMAC-SHA256 and AES256 encryption functions.

None None None 1

No encryption was used to protect the package.

Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The algorithm name returned from the server was not understood by this client.

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