StructuredMeasurement StructuredMeasurement StructuredMeasurement Class


A measurement using specific units.

public class StructuredMeasurement : Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.HealthRecordItemData
type StructuredMeasurement = class
    inherit HealthRecordItemData
Public Class StructuredMeasurement
Inherits HealthRecordItemData


StructuredMeasurement() StructuredMeasurement() StructuredMeasurement()

Initialize a new instance of the StructuredMeasurement class with default values.

StructuredMeasurement(Double, CodableValue) StructuredMeasurement(Double, CodableValue) StructuredMeasurement(Double, CodableValue)

Initialize a new instance of the StructuredMeasurement class with mandatory parameters.


Units Units Units

Gets or sets unit of measure for the value.

Value Value Value

Gets or sets value.


ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator) ParseXml(XPathNavigator)

Populates this StructuredMeasurement instance from the data in the XML.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Gets a string representation of the structured measurement item.

WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter) WriteXml(String, XmlWriter)

Writes the structured measurement data to the specified XmlWriter.

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