PatientConnection Class


Methods for accessing the patient connection APIs of HealthVault.

public static class PatientConnection


Some HealthVault applications maintain some of their own data storage but need a way to link their account/person identifier to a HealthVault identifier. The application can do this by calling Create(OfflineWebApplicationConnection, String, String, String, Uri, String) and passing the application's identifier and some information that is specific to the user. The user can then go to HealthVault Shell and validate the connection with their appropriate health record. The application can then query for all validated connections (usually on a daily basis) by calling GetValidatedConnections(OfflineWebApplicationConnection) or GetValidatedConnections(OfflineWebApplicationConnection, DateTime) which returns instances of ValidatedPatientConnection.

Validated connect requests are removed by HealthVault after 90 days. It is advised that applications call GetValidatedConnections(OfflineWebApplicationConnection) or GetValidatedConnections(OfflineWebApplicationConnection, DateTime) daily or weekly to ensure that all validated connect requests are retrieved.


Create(OfflineWebApplicationConnection, String, String, String, Uri, String)

Asks HealthVault to create a pending patient connection for the application specified by the connection with the specified user specific parameters.

DeletePending(OfflineWebApplicationConnection, String)

Deletes a request for a connection that has been made by the calling application but has not been validated by the user.


Gets the connections for the application that people have accepted.

GetValidatedConnections(OfflineWebApplicationConnection, DateTime)

Gets the connections for the application that people have accepted since the specified date.

UpdateApplicationPatientId(OfflineWebApplicationConnection, String, String)

Updates an existing pending patient connection with a new application patient identifier.