PersonInfo PersonInfo PersonInfo Class


Provides information about a person's HealthVault account.

public class PersonInfo : Microsoft.Health.IMarshallable
type PersonInfo = class
    interface IMarshallable
Public Class PersonInfo
Implements IMarshallable


PersonInfo() PersonInfo() PersonInfo()

Constructs an new instance of the PersonInfo class for testing purposes.


ApplicationConnection ApplicationConnection ApplicationConnection

Gets a reference to the HealthVault connection instance that was used to create this PersonInfo.

ApplicationSettings ApplicationSettings ApplicationSettings

Gets or sets the application settings for the current application and person.

ApplicationSettingsDocument ApplicationSettingsDocument ApplicationSettingsDocument

Gets or sets the underlying application settings document.

AuthorizedRecords AuthorizedRecords AuthorizedRecords

Gets or sets the authorized record for the person.

Connection Connection Connection

Gets a reference to the HealthVault service that created this PersonInfo or null if the connection used was an OfflineWebApplicationConnection.

Location Location Location

Gets the location of the user account.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the person's name.

PersonId PersonId PersonId

Gets or sets the HealthVault unique identifier for the person.

PreferredCulture PreferredCulture PreferredCulture

Gets or sets the user's preferred culture.

PreferredUICulture PreferredUICulture PreferredUICulture

Gets or sets the user's preferred UI culture.

SelectedRecord SelectedRecord SelectedRecord

Gets or sets the record the person has chosen to use as the default record for the current application.


CreateFromXml(ApplicationConnection, XPathNavigator) CreateFromXml(ApplicationConnection, XPathNavigator) CreateFromXml(ApplicationConnection, XPathNavigator)

Creates a new instance of the PersonInfo class using the specified XML.

GetFromAlternateId(ApplicationConnection, String) GetFromAlternateId(ApplicationConnection, String) GetFromAlternateId(ApplicationConnection, String)

Look up the person and record that were previously associated with this alternate id.

GetSelfRecord() GetSelfRecord() GetSelfRecord()

Gets the HealthRecordInfo for the first health record that has a relationship of Self with the person.

GetXml() GetXml() GetXml()

Gets the XML representation of the PersonInfo.

Marshal(XmlWriter) Marshal(XmlWriter) Marshal(XmlWriter)

Writes the person information into the specified writer as XML.

SetApplicationSettings(IXPathNavigable) SetApplicationSettings(IXPathNavigable) SetApplicationSettings(IXPathNavigable)

Sets the application settings in the web service for this person.

Unmarshal(XmlReader) Unmarshal(XmlReader) Unmarshal(XmlReader)

Populates the data of the class from the XML in the specified reader.


ApplicationSettingsChanged ApplicationSettingsChanged ApplicationSettingsChanged

Occurs when SetApplicationSettings(IXPathNavigable) changes the application settings in HealthVault.

SelectedRecordChanged SelectedRecordChanged SelectedRecordChanged

Occurs when the SelectedRecord setter is called.

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