RelationshipType RelationshipType RelationshipType Enum


Defines the interpersonal relationship between the authorized person and the person to whom the record belongs.

public enum RelationshipType
type RelationshipType = 
Public Enum RelationshipType


Application Application Application 9

The record is for an application.

Child Child Child 5

The record is for a child of the logged-in person.

Daughter Daughter Daughter 15

The reocrd is for a daughter of the logged-in person

DomesticPartner DomesticPartner DomesticPartner 11

The record is for a domestic partner of the logged-in person.

Guardian Guardian Guardian 6

The record is for a guardian of the logged-in person.

Other Other Other 2

The record is for a person other than the logged-in person.

Parent Parent Parent 8

The record is for a parent of the logged-in person.

Patient Patient Patient 7

The record is for a patient of the logged-in person.

Pet Pet Pet 13

The record is for a pet of the logged-in person.

Relative Relative Relative 10

The record is for a relative of the logged-in person.

Self Self Self 1

The record is for the logged-in person.

Son Son Son 14

The record is for a son of the logged-in person

Spouse Spouse Spouse 3

The record is for the spouse of the logged-in person.

Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

The relationship is unknown.

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