ICommandTaskStateEventArg ICommandTaskStateEventArg ICommandTaskStateEventArg Interface


Defines the arguments that are passed to your event handler when the state of the command changes.

public interface ICommandTaskStateEventArg : Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ITaskStateEventArg
type ICommandTaskStateEventArg = interface
    interface ITaskStateEventArg
Public Interface ICommandTaskStateEventArg
Implements ITaskStateEventArg


ErrorMessage ErrorMessage ErrorMessage

Retrieves the error message associated with the error that occurred while running the command.

ExitCode ExitCode ExitCode

Retrieves the exit code that the command set.

IsProxy IsProxy IsProxy

Determines if the output is coming from a proxy task.

JobId JobId JobId

Retrieves the identifier of the job that contains the task whose state has changed.

(Inherited from ITaskStateEventArg)
NewState NewState NewState

Retrieves the state of the task.

(Inherited from ITaskStateEventArg)
NodeName NodeName NodeName

Retrieves the name of the node that is running the command.

PreviousState PreviousState PreviousState

Retrieves the previous state of the task.

(Inherited from ITaskStateEventArg)
TaskId TaskId TaskId

Retrieves the identifier that uniquely identifies the task in a job.

(Inherited from ITaskStateEventArg)

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