IRemoteCommand IRemoteCommand IRemoteCommand Interface


Defines a command to execute on one or more nodes in the cluster.

public interface IRemoteCommand
type IRemoteCommand = interface
Public Interface IRemoteCommand


CommandLine CommandLine CommandLine

Retrieves the command line to execute.

Id Id Id

Retrieves the command identifier that uniquely identifies the command in the scheduler.

NodeNames NodeNames NodeNames

Retrieves the collection of node names on which the command will run or has run.

OutputEncoding OutputEncoding OutputEncoding

Retrieves or sets the encoding to use on the output that the command generates.

ProxyTaskId ProxyTaskId ProxyTaskId

Retrieves the unique task identifier for the proxy task in a remote command job. The proxy task is the task that forwards the output and error streams from all of the nodes in a remote command to the client.


Cancel() Cancel() Cancel()

Cancels the command.

Start() Start() Start()

Runs the command.

StartWithCredentials(String, String) StartWithCredentials(String, String) StartWithCredentials(String, String)

Runs the command using the specified credentials.


OnCommandJobState OnCommandJobState OnCommandJobState

An event that is raised when the state of the job that contains the command changes.

OnCommandOutput OnCommandOutput OnCommandOutput

An event that is raised when the command generates a line of output.

OnCommandRawOutput OnCommandRawOutput OnCommandRawOutput

An event that is raised when the command generates output. The output is provided as a byte blob without encoding.

OnCommandTaskState OnCommandTaskState OnCommandTaskState

An event that is raised when the state of the command changes on a node.

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