ISchedulerNode ISchedulerNode ISchedulerNode Interface


Contains information about a compute node.

public interface ISchedulerNode
type ISchedulerNode = interface
Public Interface ISchedulerNode


Availability Availability Availability
AzureLoadBalancerAddress AzureLoadBalancerAddress AzureLoadBalancerAddress
AzureServiceName AzureServiceName AzureServiceName
CpuSpeed CpuSpeed CpuSpeed

Retrieves the processor speed of the node.

DnsSuffix DnsSuffix DnsSuffix
Guid Guid Guid

Retrieves the globally unique identifier that uniquely identifies the node in the system.

Id Id Id

Retrieves the identifier that uniquely identifies the node in the cluster.

JobType JobType JobType

Retrieves the types of jobs that this node is configured to run.

Location Location Location
MemorySize MemorySize MemorySize

Retrieves the size of memory.

MoveToOffline MoveToOffline MoveToOffline

Determines whether a user requested that the node go offline.

Name Name Name

Retrieves the computer name of the node.

NodeGroups NodeGroups NodeGroups

Retrieves the node groups to which this node belongs.

NumberOfCores NumberOfCores NumberOfCores

Retrieves the number of cores on the node.

NumberOfSockets NumberOfSockets NumberOfSockets

Retrieves the number of sockets on the node.

OfflineTime OfflineTime OfflineTime

Retrieves the date and time that the node last went offline.

OnlineTime OnlineTime OnlineTime

Retrieves the date and time that the node last came online.

Reachable Reachable Reachable

Determines whether the server thinks the node is reachable.

State State State

Retrieves the current state of the node.


GetCores() GetCores() GetCores()

Retrieves the core state information for each core on the node.

GetCounters() GetCounters() GetCounters()

Retrieves the counter data for the node.

Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

Refreshes this copy of the node object with the contents from the server.


OnNodeReachable OnNodeReachable OnNodeReachable
OnNodeState OnNodeState OnNodeState

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