SchedulerTask SchedulerTask SchedulerTask Class


Defines a task.

public class SchedulerTask : Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.SchedulerObjectBase, Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ISchedulerTask, Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ISchedulerTaskV2, Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ISchedulerTaskV3, Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ISchedulerTaskV3SP1, Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ISchedulerTaskV4, Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ISchedulerTaskV4SP1, Microsoft.Hpc.Scheduler.ISchedulerTaskV4SP3
type SchedulerTask = class
    inherit SchedulerObjectBase
    interface ISchedulerTask
    interface ISchedulerTaskV2
    interface ISchedulerTaskV3
    interface ISchedulerTaskV3SP1
    interface ISchedulerTaskV4
    interface ISchedulerTaskV4SP1
    interface ISchedulerTaskV4SP3
Public Class SchedulerTask
Inherits SchedulerObjectBase
Implements ISchedulerTask, ISchedulerTaskV2, ISchedulerTaskV3, ISchedulerTaskV3SP1, ISchedulerTaskV4, ISchedulerTaskV4SP1, ISchedulerTaskV4SP3


SchedulerTask() SchedulerTask() SchedulerTask()

Initializes of new instance of the SchedulerTask class.


_changeProps _changeProps _changeProps
_props _props _props

All the properties that have been cached for the object.

(Inherited from SchedulerObjectBase)
_task _task _task

The internal task object.


AllocatedCoreIds AllocatedCoreIds AllocatedCoreIds
AllocatedNodes AllocatedNodes AllocatedNodes

Retrieves the names of the nodes that have been allocated to run the task or have run the task.

ChangeTime ChangeTime ChangeTime

The last time that the user or server changed a property of the task.

CommandLine CommandLine CommandLine

Retrieves or sets the command line for the task.

CreateTime CreateTime CreateTime

Retrieves the date and time when the task was created.

DependsOn DependsOn DependsOn

Retrieves or sets the dependent tasks.

EncryptedUserBlob EncryptedUserBlob EncryptedUserBlob

The encrypted user blob.

EndTime EndTime EndTime

Retrieves the date and time that the task ended.

EndValue EndValue EndValue

Retrieves or sets the ending value for a parametric task.

EnvironmentVariables EnvironmentVariables EnvironmentVariables

Retrieves the environment variables that were set for the task.

ErrorMessage ErrorMessage ErrorMessage

Retrieves the task-related error message or task cancellation message.

ExecutionFailureRetryCount ExecutionFailureRetryCount ExecutionFailureRetryCount
ExitCode ExitCode ExitCode

Retrieves the exit code that the task set.

ExitIfPossible ExitIfPossible ExitIfPossible
FailJobOnFailure FailJobOnFailure FailJobOnFailure
FailJobOnFailureCount FailJobOnFailureCount FailJobOnFailureCount
HasRuntime HasRuntime HasRuntime

Determines whether the task has set the Runtime task property.

IncrementValue IncrementValue IncrementValue

Retrieves or sets the number by which to increment the instance value for a parametric task.

IsExclusive IsExclusive IsExclusive

Determines whether other tasks from the job can run on the node at the same time as this task.

IsParametric IsParametric IsParametric

Determines whether the task is a parametric task.

IsRerunnable IsRerunnable IsRerunnable

Determines whether the task can run again after a failure.

IsServiceConcluded IsServiceConcluded IsServiceConcluded
MaximumNumberOfCores MaximumNumberOfCores MaximumNumberOfCores

Retrieves or sets the maximum number of cores that the scheduler may allocate for the task.

MaximumNumberOfNodes MaximumNumberOfNodes MaximumNumberOfNodes

Retrieves or sets the maximum number of nodes that the scheduler may allocate for the task.

MaximumNumberOfSockets MaximumNumberOfSockets MaximumNumberOfSockets

Retrieves or sets the maximum number of sockets that the scheduler may allocate for the task.

MinimumNumberOfCores MinimumNumberOfCores MinimumNumberOfCores

Retrieves or sets the minimum number of cores that the task requires to run.

MinimumNumberOfNodes MinimumNumberOfNodes MinimumNumberOfNodes

Retrieves or sets the minimum number of nodes that the task requires to run.

MinimumNumberOfSockets MinimumNumberOfSockets MinimumNumberOfSockets

Retrieves or sets the minimum number of sockets that the task requires to run.

Name Name Name

Retrieves or sets the display name of the task.

Output Output Output

Retrieves the output generated by the command.

ParentJobId ParentJobId ParentJobId

Retrieves the identifier of the parent job.

PreviousState PreviousState PreviousState

Retrieves the previous state of the task.

RequestedNodeGroup RequestedNodeGroup RequestedNodeGroup
RequeueCount RequeueCount RequeueCount

Retrieves the number of times that the task has been queued again.

RequiredNodes RequiredNodes RequiredNodes

Retrieves or sets the list of required nodes for the task.

Runtime Runtime Runtime

Retrieves or sets the run-time limit for the task.

StartTime StartTime StartTime

Retrieves the date and time that the task started running.

StartValue StartValue StartValue

Retrieves or sets the starting instance value for a parametric task.

State State State

Retrieves the state of the task.

StdErrFilePath StdErrFilePath StdErrFilePath

Retrieves or sets the path to which the server redirects standard error.

StdInFilePath StdInFilePath StdInFilePath

Retrieves or sets the path from which the server redirects standard input.

StdOutFilePath StdOutFilePath StdOutFilePath

Retrieves or sets the path to which the server redirects standard output.

SubmitTime SubmitTime SubmitTime

Retrieves the time that the task was submitted.

TaskId TaskId TaskId

Retrieves the identifiers that uniquely identify the task.

Type Type Type
UserBlob UserBlob UserBlob

Retrieves or sets the user data associated with the task.

ValidExitCodes ValidExitCodes ValidExitCodes
WorkDirectory WorkDirectory WorkDirectory

Retrieves or sets the directory in which to start the task.


Commit() Commit() Commit()

Commits the local task changes to the server.

GetCounters() GetCounters() GetCounters()

Retrieves counter data for the task.

GetCurrentPropsToReload() GetCurrentPropsToReload() GetCurrentPropsToReload() Inherited from SchedulerObjectBase
GetCustomProperties() GetCustomProperties() GetCustomProperties()

Retrieves the application-defined properties that were added to the task.

GetPropertyIds() GetPropertyIds() GetPropertyIds()
GetWriteOnlyPropertyIds() GetWriteOnlyPropertyIds() GetWriteOnlyPropertyIds() Inherited from SchedulerObjectBase
InitFromObject(IClusterStoreObject, PropertyId[]) InitFromObject(IClusterStoreObject, PropertyId[]) InitFromObject(IClusterStoreObject, PropertyId[])

Initializes the object using the properties from the specified object.

(Inherited from SchedulerObjectBase)
InitFromTask(IClusterTask, PropertyId[]) InitFromTask(IClusterTask, PropertyId[]) InitFromTask(IClusterTask, PropertyId[])
LoadProps(IEnumerable<StoreProperty>) LoadProps(IEnumerable<StoreProperty>) LoadProps(IEnumerable<StoreProperty>)

Loads the specified properties from the store.

(Inherited from SchedulerObjectBase)
Refresh() Refresh() Refresh()

Refreshes this copy of the task with the contents from the server.

ServiceConclude(Boolean) ServiceConclude(Boolean) ServiceConclude(Boolean)
SetCustomProperty(String, String) SetCustomProperty(String, String) SetCustomProperty(String, String)

Sets an application-defined property on the task.

SetEnvironmentVariable(String, String) SetEnvironmentVariable(String, String) SetEnvironmentVariable(String, String)

Sets a task-specific environment variable.

_InitFromRow(PropertyRow) _InitFromRow(PropertyRow) _InitFromRow(PropertyRow)

Initializes the object using the contents of the specified property row.

(Inherited from SchedulerObjectBase)

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