AcquireTokenSilentParameterBuilder.WithSendX5C(Boolean) Method


Specifies if the x5c claim (public key of the certificate) should be sent to the STS. Sending the x5c enables application developers to achieve easy certificate roll-over in Azure AD: this method will send the public certificate to Azure AD along with the token request, so that Azure AD can use it to validate the subject name based on a trusted issuer policy. This saves the application admin from the need to explicitly manage the certificate rollover (either via portal or powershell/CLI operation)

public Microsoft.Identity.Client.AcquireTokenSilentParameterBuilder WithSendX5C (bool withSendX5C);
member this.WithSendX5C : bool -> Microsoft.Identity.Client.AcquireTokenSilentParameterBuilder
Public Function WithSendX5C (withSendX5C As Boolean) As AcquireTokenSilentParameterBuilder



true if the x5c should be sent. Otherwise false. The default is false


The builder to chain the .With methods

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