MsalError.FailedToAcquireTokenSilentlyFromBroker Field


Failed to acquire token silently. Used in broker scenarios.

What happens

you called AcquireTokenSilent(IEnumerable<String>, IAccount) or AcquireTokenSilent(IEnumerable<String>, String) and your mobile (Xamarin) application leverages the broker (Microsoft Authenticator or Microsoft Company Portal), but the broker was not able to acquire the token silently.


Call AcquireTokenInteractive(IEnumerable<String>)
public const string FailedToAcquireTokenSilentlyFromBroker;
val mutable FailedToAcquireTokenSilentlyFromBroker : string
Public Const FailedToAcquireTokenSilentlyFromBroker As String 

Field Value


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