AuthenticationResult AuthenticationResult AuthenticationResult Class


Contains the results of one token acquisition operation.

public sealed class AuthenticationResult
type AuthenticationResult = class
Public NotInheritable Class AuthenticationResult


AccessToken AccessToken AccessToken

Gets the Access Token requested.

AccessTokenType AccessTokenType AccessTokenType

Gets the type of the Access Token returned.

Authority Authority Authority

Gets the authority that has issued the token.

ExpiresOn ExpiresOn ExpiresOn

Gets the point in time in which the Access Token returned in the AccessToken property ceases to be valid. This value is calculated based on current UTC time measured locally and the value expiresIn received from the service.

ExtendedLifeTimeToken ExtendedLifeTimeToken ExtendedLifeTimeToken

Gives information to the developer whether token returned is during normal or extended lifetime.

IdToken IdToken IdToken

Gets the entire Id Token if returned by the service or null if no Id Token is returned.

TenantId TenantId TenantId

Gets an identifier for the tenant the token was acquired from. This property will be null if tenant information is not returned by the service.

UserInfo UserInfo UserInfo

Gets user information including user Id. Some elements in UserInfo might be null if not returned by the service.


CreateAuthorizationHeader() CreateAuthorizationHeader() CreateAuthorizationHeader()

Creates authorization header from authentication result.

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