ClientAssertionCertificate ClientAssertionCertificate ClientAssertionCertificate Class


Containing certificate used to create client assertion.

public sealed class ClientAssertionCertificate : Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.IClientAssertionCertificate
type ClientAssertionCertificate = class
    interface IClientAssertionCertificate
Public NotInheritable Class ClientAssertionCertificate
Implements IClientAssertionCertificate


ClientAssertionCertificate(String, X509Certificate2) ClientAssertionCertificate(String, X509Certificate2) ClientAssertionCertificate(String, X509Certificate2)

Constructor to create credential with client Id and certificate.


Certificate Certificate Certificate

Gets the certificate used as credential.

ClientId ClientId ClientId

Gets the identifier of the client requesting the token.

MinKeySizeInBits MinKeySizeInBits MinKeySizeInBits

Gets minimum X509 certificate key size in bits

Thumbprint Thumbprint Thumbprint

Returns thumbprint of the certificate


Sign(String) Sign(String) Sign(String)

Signs a message using the private key in the certificate

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