DeviceCodeResult DeviceCodeResult DeviceCodeResult Class


This class represents the response from the service when requesting device code.

public sealed class DeviceCodeResult
type DeviceCodeResult = class
Public NotInheritable Class DeviceCodeResult


ClientId ClientId ClientId

Identifier of the client requesting device code.

DeviceCode DeviceCode DeviceCode

Device code returned by the service

ExpiresOn ExpiresOn ExpiresOn

Time when the device code will expire.

Interval Interval Interval

Polling interval time to check for completion of authentication flow.

Message Message Message

User friendly text response that can be used for display purpose.

Resource Resource Resource

Identifier of the target resource that would be the recipient of the token.

UserCode UserCode UserCode

User code returned by the service

VerificationUrl VerificationUrl VerificationUrl

Verification URL where the user must navigate to authenticate using the device code and credentials.

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