LoggerCallbackHandler LoggerCallbackHandler LoggerCallbackHandler Class


This class is responsible for managing the callback state and its execution.

public sealed class LoggerCallbackHandler
type LoggerCallbackHandler = class
Public NotInheritable Class LoggerCallbackHandler


LoggerCallbackHandler() LoggerCallbackHandler() LoggerCallbackHandler()


UseDefaultLogging UseDefaultLogging UseDefaultLogging

Flag to control whether default logging should be performed in addition to calling the Callback handler (if any)


Callback Callback Callback

Obsolete Callback implementation Will be called only if LogCallback is not set and only for messages with no Pii

LogCallback LogCallback LogCallback

Instance of LogCallback delegate that can be provided by the developer to consume and publish logs in a custom manner. If set, Callback - instance of obsolete IAdalLogCallback will be ignored

PiiLoggingEnabled PiiLoggingEnabled PiiLoggingEnabled

Flag to enable/disable logging of PII data. PII logs are never written to default outputs like Console, Logcat or NSLog. Default is set to false.

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