PromptBehavior PromptBehavior PromptBehavior Enum


Indicates whether AcquireToken should automatically prompt only if necessary or whether it should prompt regardless of whether there is a cached token.

public enum PromptBehavior
type PromptBehavior = 
Public Enum PromptBehavior


Always Always Always 1

The user will be prompted for credentials even if there is a token that meets the requirements already in the cache.

Auto Auto Auto 0

Acquire token will prompt the user for credentials only when necessary. If a token that meets the requirements is already cached then the user will not be prompted.

Never Never Never 2

The user will not be prompted for credentials. If prompting is necessary then the AcquireToken request will fail.

RefreshSession RefreshSession RefreshSession 3

Re-authorizes (through displaying webview) the resource usage, making sure that the resulting access token contains updated claims. If user logon cookies are available, the user will not be asked for credentials again and the logon dialog will dismiss automatically.

SelectAccount SelectAccount SelectAccount 4

Prompt the user to select a user account even if there is a token that meets the requirements already in the cache. This enables an user who has multiple accounts at the Authorization Server to select amongst the multiple accounts that they might have current sessions for.

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