TokenCacheItem TokenCacheItem TokenCacheItem Class


Token cache item

public sealed class TokenCacheItem
type TokenCacheItem = class
Public NotInheritable Class TokenCacheItem


AccessToken AccessToken AccessToken

Gets the Access Token requested.

Authority Authority Authority

Gets the Authority.

ClientId ClientId ClientId

Gets the ClientId.

DisplayableId DisplayableId DisplayableId

Gets the user's displayable Id.

ExpiresOn ExpiresOn ExpiresOn

Gets the Expiration.

FamilyName FamilyName FamilyName

Gets the FamilyName.

GivenName GivenName GivenName

Gets the GivenName.

IdentityProvider IdentityProvider IdentityProvider

Gets the IdentityProviderName.

IdToken IdToken IdToken

Gets the entire Id Token if returned by the service or null if no Id Token is returned.

Resource Resource Resource

Gets the Resource.

TenantId TenantId TenantId

Gets the TenantId.

UniqueId UniqueId UniqueId

Gets the user's unique Id.

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