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JSToken Enum


Specifies the individual units of code, or tokens, that make up the JScript language.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public enum class JSToken
public enum JSToken
type JSToken = 
Public Enum JSToken


Abstract 15

The abstract modifier.

AccessField 38

The . field accessor symbol.

Assert 104

The assert reserved word.

Assign 69

The = assignment operator.

BitwiseAnd 52

The & bitwise AND operator.

BitwiseAndAssign 74

The &= bitwise AND assignment operator.

BitwiseNot 40

The ~ bitwise NOT operator.

BitwiseOr 50

The | bitwise OR operator.

BitwiseOrAssign 75

The |= bitwise OR assignment operator.

BitwiseXor 51

The ^ bitwise XOR operator.

BitwiseXorAssign 76

The ^= bitwise XOR assignment operator.

Boolean 105

The boolean data type.

Break 6

The break statement.

Byte 106

The byte data type.

Case 84

The case keyword of a switch statement.

Catch 85

The catch keyword of a try statement.

Char 107

The char data type.

Class 24

The class statement.

Colon 82

The : ternary operator.

Comma 83

The , comma operator.

Comment 102

Comment text.

ConditionalIf 81

The ? ternary operator.

Const 23

The const statement.

Continue 5

The continue statement.

Debugger 86

The debugger statement.

Decimal 108

The decimal data type.

Decrement 45

The -- decrement operator.

Default 87

The default keyword of a switch statement.

Delete 41

The delete operator.

Divide 65

The / division operator.

DivideAssign 73

The /= division assignment operator.

Do 3

The do statement.

Double 109

The double data type.

DoubleColon 110

The :: reserved word.

Else 88

The else keyword of an if statement.

EndOfFile 0

The end of the file being scanned or parsed. This is the default value.

EndOfLine 132

The end of the line being parsed.

Ensure 112

The ensure reserved word.

Enum 111

The enum statement.

Equal 53

The == equality comparison operator.

Event 21

The event reserved word.

Export 89

The export reserved word.

Extends 90

The extends keyword of a class statement.

False 30

The false literal.

Final 20

The final modifier.

Finally 91

The finally keyword of a try statement.

FirstBinaryOp 46

A placeholder enumeration member that enables comparisons such as if JSToken.FirstBinaryOp <= token && token <= JSToken.LastBinaryOp then....

FirstOp 39

A placeholder enumeration member that enables comparisons such as if JSToken.FirstOp <= token && token <= JSToken.LastOp then....

Float 113

The float data type.

For 2

The for statement.

Function 25

The function statement.

Get 92

The get keyword of a function get statement.

Goto 114

The goto reserved word.

GreaterThan 57

The > relational comparison operator.

GreaterThanEqual 60

The >= relational comparison operator.

Identifier 32

An identifier.

If 1

The if statement.

Implements 93

The implements keyword of a class or interface statement.

Import 8

The import statement.

In 68

The in operator.

Increment 44

The ++ increment operator.

Instanceof 67

The instanceof operator.

Int 115

The int data type.

IntegerLiteral 34

An integer literal.

Interface 94

The interface statement.

Internal 14

The internal modifier.

Invariant 116

The invariant reserved word.

LastAssign 80

A placeholder enumeration member that enables comparisons such as if JSToken.Assign <= token && token <= JSToken.LastAssign then....

LastBinaryOp 80

A placeholder enumeration member that enables comparisons such as if JSToken.FirstBinaryOp <= token && token <= JSToken.LastBinaryOp then....

LastOp 83

A placeholder enumeration member that enables comparisons such as if JSToken.FirstBinaryOp <= token && token <= JSToken.LastOp then....

LastPPOperator 66

A placeholder enumeration member that enables comparisons such as if JSToken.FirstBinaryOp <= token && token <= JSToken.LastPPOperator then... PPOperators are operations that can be pre-processed.

LeftBracket 37

The [ symbol.

LeftCurly 26

The { symbol.

LeftParen 36

The ( symbol.

LeftShift 61

The << bitwise left shift operator.

LeftShiftAssign 78

The <<= left shift assignment operator.

LessThan 58

The < relational comparison operator.

LessThanEqual 59

The <= relational comparison operator.

LogicalAnd 49

The && logical AND operator.

LogicalNot 39

The ! logical NOT operator.

LogicalOr 48

The || logical OR operator.

Long 117

The long data type.

Minus 47

The - subtraction operator.

MinusAssign 71

The -= subtraction assignment operator.

Modulo 66

The % modulus operator.

ModuloAssign 77

The %= modulus assignment operator.

Multiply 64

The * multiplication operator.

MultiplyAssign 72

The *= multiplication assignment operator.

Namespace 118

The namespace reserved word.

Native 119

The native reserved word.

New 95

The new operator.

None -1

No token. For example, before scanning any tokens, or in error situations.

NotEqual 54

The != inequality comparison operator.

Null 28

The null literal.

NumericLiteral 35

A numeric literal.

Package 13

The package statement.

ParamArray 126

The ... reserved word.

Plus 46

The + addition operator.

PlusAssign 70

The += addition assignment operator.

PreProcessDirective 133

A preprocessor directive.

PreProcessorConstant 101

A preprocessor constant.

Private 18

The private modifier.

Protected 19

The protected modifier.

Public 16

The public modifier.

Require 120

The require reserved word.

Return 7

The return statement.

RightBracket 100

The ] symbol.

RightCurly 99

The } symbol.

RightParen 98

The ) symbol.

RightShift 62

The >> bitwise right shift operator.

RightShiftAssign 79

The >>= right shift assignment operator.

Sbyte 121

The sbyte data type.

Semicolon 27

The ; symbol.

Set 96

The set keyword of a function set statement.

Short 122

The short data type.

Static 17

The static modifier.

StrictEqual 55

The === identity comparison operator.

StrictNotEqual 56

The !== identity comparison operator.

StringLiteral 33

A numeric literal.

Super 97

The super statement.

Switch 10

The switch statement.

Synchronized 123

The synchronized reserved word.

This 31

The this statement.

Throw 11

The throw statement.

Throws 125

The throws reserved word.

Transient 124

The transient reserved word.

True 29

The true literal.

Try 12

The try statement.

Typeof 43

The typeof operator.

Uint 129

The uint data type.

Ulong 130

The ulong data type.

UnsignedRightShift 63

The >>> unsigned right shift operator.

UnsignedRightShiftAssign 80

The >>>= unsigned right shift assignment operator.

UnterminatedComment 103

An un-terminated comment.

Use 131

The use reserved word.

Ushort 128

The ushort data type.

Var 22

The var statement.

Void 42

The void operator.

Volatile 127

The volatile reserved word.

While 4

The while statement.

With 9

The with statement.


The members of this enumeration are used by the scanner and the parser to read source code. The members of this enumeration are also used by operator classes to identify the operation to perform. For more information, see Create a Language Compiler for the .NET Framework.

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