ContactInformationType ContactInformationType ContactInformationType Enum


Enumerates the contact information types.

public enum class ContactInformationType
public enum ContactInformationType
Public Enum ContactInformationType


Activity Activity Activity 7

A contact's current Activity(on the phone, in the meeting, available, ...).

ActivityId ActivityId ActivityId 1

A token describing current contact availability. String.

AttributionString AttributionString AttributionString 49

Contact's attribution string

Availability Availability Availability 0

Contact availability. AvailabilityType enum.

Capabilities Capabilities Capabilities 33

Combination of contact capabilities. ContactCapabilities enum.

CapabilityDetails CapabilityDetails CapabilityDetails 45

Returns a collection of PresenceCapability objects.

CapabilityString CapabilityString CapabilityString 32

Current contact capability. ('Voice Only', 'IM Only', ...). String.

Company Company Company 15

The contact's company. String.

ContactEndpoints ContactEndpoints ContactEndpoints 27

Collection of contact's collaboration endpoints (SIP or TEL endpoints). An array of ContactEndpoint objects.

ContactType ContactType ContactType 34

Contact's type. ContactType enum.

CurrentCalendarState CurrentCalendarState CurrentCalendarState 47

Contact's current calendar state (Free, Busy, Out of office,...). ContactCalendarState enum

CustomActivity CustomActivity CustomActivity 8

A collection of availability descriptions. Array of activity strings.

DefaultNote DefaultNote DefaultNote 20

The default note, shown if no other note is set. String.

DefaultNotePublishedTime DefaultNotePublishedTime DefaultNotePublishedTime 46

The published time for default note

DefaultNoteType DefaultNoteType DefaultNoteType 21

Default note type (i.e. personal or out-of-office). DefaultNoteType enum.

Department Department Department 16

The contact's department. String.

Description Description Description 35

Contact's description. String.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName 10

Display name of a contact. String.

EmailAddresses EmailAddresses EmailAddresses 13

An unordered collection of contact's addresses. Array of strings.

FirstName FirstName FirstName 37

Contact's first name. String.

HomePageUrl HomePageUrl HomePageUrl 18

The contact's homepage Url

IconStream IconStream IconStream 26

The icon associated with a contact from a federated public network. Stream object.

IconUrl IconUrl IconUrl 25

URL of the icon associated with a contact from a federated public network. String.

IdleStartTime IdleStartTime IdleStartTime 9

Time when a contact became idle. DateTime.

InstantMessageAddresses InstantMessageAddresses InstantMessageAddresses 50

A collection of contact's Instant Messaging addresses. Array of strings.

Invalid Invalid Invalid -1
IsOutOfOffice IsOutOfOffice IsOutOfOffice 51
LastName LastName LastName 38

Contact's last name. String.

LocationName LocationName LocationName 2

A contact's location. String.

MeetingLocation MeetingLocation MeetingLocation 6

Meeting location. String.

MeetingSubject MeetingSubject MeetingSubject 5

Meeting subject. String.

NextCalendarState NextCalendarState NextCalendarState 48

Contact's next calendar state (Free, Busy, Out of office,...). ContactCalendarState enum

NextCalendarStateStartTime NextCalendarStateStartTime NextCalendarStateStartTime 30

Start time of the next calendar state. DateTime object.

Office Office Office 17

The contact's office location. String.

OutOfficeNote OutOfficeNote OutOfficeNote 23

An out-of-office note. String.

PersonalNote PersonalNote PersonalNote 22

A personal note. String.

Photo Photo Photo 19

A contact's photo. Stream object.

PrimaryEmailAddress PrimaryEmailAddress PrimaryEmailAddress 12

The SMTP e-mail address. String.

Reserved1 Reserved1 Reserved1 11
Reserved10 Reserved10 Reserved10 43
Reserved11 Reserved11 Reserved11 52
Reserved12 Reserved12 Reserved12 53
Reserved13 Reserved13 Reserved13 54
Reserved14 Reserved14 Reserved14 55
Reserved15 Reserved15 Reserved15 56
Reserved2 Reserved2 Reserved2 28
Reserved3 Reserved3 Reserved3 29
Reserved4 Reserved4 Reserved4 31
Reserved5 Reserved5 Reserved5 36
Reserved6 Reserved6 Reserved6 39
Reserved7 Reserved7 Reserved7 40
Reserved8 Reserved8 Reserved8 41
Reserved9 Reserved9 Reserved9 42
SourceNetwork SourceNetwork SourceNetwork 24

The contact source network. SourceNetworkType enum.

TimeZone TimeZone TimeZone 3

Time zone. String.

TimeZoneBias TimeZoneBias TimeZoneBias 4

The time zone bias is the difference, in minutes, between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the end user?s current local time. All translations between UTC and local time are based on the following formula:

UTC = local time + bias.

Title Title Title 14

The contact's title. String.

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