PresenceCapability PresenceCapability PresenceCapability Class


Encapsulates a communication capability as published by a contact.

public ref class PresenceCapability : Microsoft::Lync::Model::Internal::UCWLite
public class PresenceCapability : Microsoft.Lync.Model.Internal.UCWLite
Public Class PresenceCapability
Inherits UCWLite


Availability Availability Availability

Returns the presence availability of a contact at an endpoint that is capable of the communication mode specified by the PresenceCapability.Type property.

CanCapture CanCapture CanCapture

Indicates if contact can capture for capability type.

CanRender CanRender CanRender

Indicates if contact can render for capability type.

InnerObject InnerObject InnerObject Inherited from UCWBase
Type Type Type

Gets the presence capability type.

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