DateMatchingCriterion DateMatchingCriterion DateMatchingCriterion Class


A DQS date match criterion.

public ref class DateMatchingCriterion : Microsoft::MasterDataServices::Services::DataContracts::SimilarMatchingCriterion
[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="DateMatchingCriterion", Namespace="")]
public class DateMatchingCriterion : Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.DataContracts.SimilarMatchingCriterion
Public Class DateMatchingCriterion
Inherits SimilarMatchingCriterion


The DateMatchingCriterion specifies a DQS date match criterion.


DateMatchingCriterion() DateMatchingCriterion() DateMatchingCriterion()

Initializes a new instance of the DateMatchingCriterion class.


DaysDifference DaysDifference DaysDifference

Gets or sets the difference between days.

DomainWeight DomainWeight DomainWeight

Gets or sets the weight of the criterion.

(Inherited from WeightedMatchingCriterion)
Mappings Mappings Mappings

Gets or sets the mappings for the criterion to fields (columns) and domains. There is only one mapping for scalar domain or multiple mapping is the criterion is for composite domain.

(Inherited from MatchingCriterion)
MonthsDifference MonthsDifference MonthsDifference

Gets or sets the difference between months.

YearsDifference YearsDifference YearsDifference

Gets or sets the difference between years.

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