EntityMembersMergeRequest EntityMembersMergeRequest EntityMembersMergeRequest Class


The EntityMembersMergeRequest element specifies the entity member or members to be created or updated.

public ref class EntityMembersMergeRequest : Microsoft::MasterDataServices::Services::MessageContracts::EntityMembersSaveRequest
public class EntityMembersMergeRequest : Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.MessageContracts.EntityMembersSaveRequest
Public Class EntityMembersMergeRequest
Inherits EntityMembersSaveRequest


EntityMembersMergeRequest() EntityMembersMergeRequest() EntityMembersMergeRequest()

Initializes a new instance of the EntityMembersMergeRequest class.


International International International

Gets or sets the client localization information.

(Inherited from MessageRequest)
Members Members Members

Gets or sets the entity members.

(Inherited from EntityMembersCrudRequest)
MemberSaveBehavior MemberSaveBehavior MemberSaveBehavior

Gets or sets how the member save operation should behave when encountering errors (i.e. make best effort to save as much as possible, or abort all/part of the batch).

(Inherited from EntityMembersSaveRequest)
RequestId RequestId RequestId

Specifies the request identifier.

(Inherited from MessageRequest)
ReturnCreatedIdentifiers ReturnCreatedIdentifiers ReturnCreatedIdentifiers

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the object should be returned with the newly generated ID.

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