EntityStagingLoadRequest EntityStagingLoadRequest EntityStagingLoadRequest Class


The EntityStagingLoadRequest specfies the request to load entity stating.

public ref class EntityStagingLoadRequest : Microsoft::MasterDataServices::Services::MessageContracts::ModelMembersBulkRequest
public class EntityStagingLoadRequest : Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Services.MessageContracts.ModelMembersBulkRequest
Public Class EntityStagingLoadRequest
Inherits ModelMembersBulkRequest


EntityStagingLoadRequest() EntityStagingLoadRequest() EntityStagingLoadRequest()

Initializes a new instance of the EntityStagingLoadRequest class.


BatchTag BatchTag BatchTag

Gets or sets the batch tag to identify the staging batch.

ImportType ImportType ImportType

Gets or sets the import type being staged.

International International International

Gets or sets the client localization information.

(Inherited from MessageRequest)
ModelMembers ModelMembers ModelMembers

Specifies the model members.

(Inherited from ModelMembersBulkRequest)
QueueForProcessing QueueForProcessing QueueForProcessing

Indicates whether the staging batches created during this load should be set queued to be process.

RequestId RequestId RequestId

Specifies the request identifier.

(Inherited from MessageRequest)

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