SystemSetting SystemSetting SystemSetting Class


Specifies a single setting within the MDS system.

public ref class SystemSetting : Microsoft::MasterDataServices::MdmDataContractOfIdentifier
[System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCode("System.Runtime.Serialization", "")]
[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="SystemSetting", Namespace="")]
public class SystemSetting : Microsoft.MasterDataServices.MdmDataContractOfIdentifier
Public Class SystemSetting
Inherits MdmDataContractOfIdentifier


These settings should be a member of a SystemSettingGroup.


SystemSetting() SystemSetting() SystemSetting()

Initializes a new instance of the SystemSetting class.


AuditInfo AuditInfo AuditInfo

Gets or sets auditing information.

(Inherited from MdmDataContractOfIdentifier)
DataType DataType DataType

Gets or sets the attribute data type.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets the long description of the setting.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets or sets display name of the setting.

DisplaySequence DisplaySequence DisplaySequence

Gets or sets the sequence in which the system setting should be displayed.

ExtensionData ExtensionData ExtensionData

Gets or sets the structure that contains extra data.

(Inherited from DataContractBase)
Identifier Identifier Identifier

Gets or sets the ID.

(Inherited from MdmDataContractOfIdentifier)
IsVisible IsVisible IsVisible

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the setting is visible in the MDS configuration screen.

MaxValue MaxValue MaxValue

Gets or sets the maximum possible value for the setting.

MinValue MinValue MinValue

Gets or sets the minimum possible value for the setting.

Permission Permission Permission

Gets or sets the security permission.

(Inherited from MdmDataContractOfIdentifier)
SettingType SettingType SettingType

Gets or sets the setting type.

SettingValue SettingValue SettingValue

Gets or sets the setting value.

SystemDomainList SystemDomainList SystemDomainList

Gets or sets the system domain list.

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