RegressionMetrics RegressionMetrics RegressionMetrics Class


Evaluation results regression algorithms (supervised learning algorithm).

public sealed class RegressionMetrics
type RegressionMetrics = class
Public NotInheritable Class RegressionMetrics


LossFunction LossFunction LossFunction

Gets the result of user defined loss function.

MeanAbsoluteError MeanAbsoluteError MeanAbsoluteError

Gets the absolute loss of the model.

MeanSquaredError MeanSquaredError MeanSquaredError

Gets the squared loss of the model.

RootMeanSquaredError RootMeanSquaredError RootMeanSquaredError

Gets the root mean square loss (or RMS) which is the square root of the L2 loss.

RSquared RSquared RSquared

Gets the R squared value of the model, which is also known as the coefficient of determination​.

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