IidSpikeDetector Class


ITransformer resulting from fitting a IidSpikeEstimator.

public sealed class IidSpikeDetector : Microsoft.ML.Transforms.TimeSeries.IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper, Microsoft.ML.ITransformer
type IidSpikeDetector = class
    inherit IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper
    interface ITransformer
    interface ICanSaveModel
Public NotInheritable Class IidSpikeDetector
Inherits IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper
Implements ITransformer



Schema propagation for transformers. Returns the output schema of the data, if the input schema is like the one provided.

(Inherited from IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper)

Same as GetRowToRowMapper(DataViewSchema) but also supports mechanism to save the state.

(Inherited from IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper)

Take the data in, make transformations, output the data. Note that IDataView's are lazy, so no actual transformations happen here, just schema validation.

(Inherited from IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper)

Explicit Interface Implementations


For saving a model into a repository.

(Inherited from IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper)

Constructs a row-to-row mapper based on an input schema. If IsRowToRowMapper is false, then an exception should be thrown. If the input schema is in any way unsuitable for constructing the mapper, an exception should likewise be thrown.

(Inherited from IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper)

Whether a call to GetRowToRowMapper(DataViewSchema) should succeed, on an appropriate schema.

(Inherited from IidAnomalyDetectionBaseWrapper)

Extension Methods

Preview(ITransformer, IDataView, Int32)

Preview an effect of the transformer on a given data.

Append<TTrans>(ITransformer, TTrans)

Create a new transformer chain, by appending another transformer to the end of this transformer chain.

CreateTimeSeriesEngine<TSrc,TDst>(ITransformer, IHostEnvironment, Boolean, SchemaDefinition, SchemaDefinition)

TimeSeriesPredictionEngine<TSrc,TDst> creates a prediction engine for a time series pipeline. It updates the state of time series model with observations seen at prediction phase and allows checkpointing the model.

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