CommandBarButtonClass CommandBarButtonClass CommandBarButtonClass Class


Reserved for internal use.

public ref class CommandBarButtonClass : Microsoft::Office::Core::CommandBarButton
public class CommandBarButtonClass : Microsoft.Office.Core.CommandBarButton
Public Class CommandBarButtonClass
Implements CommandBarButton


accChild[Object] accChild[Object] accChild[Object]
accChildCount accChildCount accChildCount
accDefaultAction[Object] accDefaultAction[Object] accDefaultAction[Object]
accDescription[Object] accDescription[Object] accDescription[Object]
accFocus accFocus accFocus
accHelp[Object] accHelp[Object] accHelp[Object]
accHelpTopic[String, Object] accHelpTopic[String, Object] accHelpTopic[String, Object]
accKeyboardShortcut[Object] accKeyboardShortcut[Object] accKeyboardShortcut[Object]
accName[Object] accName[Object] accName[Object]
accParent accParent accParent
accRole[Object] accRole[Object] accRole[Object]
accSelection accSelection accSelection
accState[Object] accState[Object] accState[Object]
accValue[Object] accValue[Object] accValue[Object]
Application Application Application
BeginGroup BeginGroup BeginGroup
BuiltIn BuiltIn BuiltIn
BuiltInFace BuiltInFace BuiltInFace

Is True if the face of a command bar button control is its original built-in face. Read/write.

Caption Caption Caption
Control Control Control
Creator Creator Creator
DescriptionText DescriptionText DescriptionText
Enabled Enabled Enabled
FaceId FaceId FaceId

Gets or sets the Id number for the face of a CommandBarButton control. Read/write.

Height Height Height
HelpContextId HelpContextId HelpContextId
HelpFile HelpFile HelpFile
HyperlinkType HyperlinkType HyperlinkType

Sets or gets a MsoCommandBarButtonHyperlinkType constant that represents the type of hyperlink associated with the specified command bar button. Read/write.

Id Id Id
Index Index Index
InstanceId InstanceId InstanceId
InstanceIdPtr InstanceIdPtr InstanceIdPtr
IsPriorityDropped IsPriorityDropped IsPriorityDropped
Left Left Left
Mask Mask Mask

Gets or sets an IPictureDisp object representing the mask image of a CommandBarButton object. The mask image determines what parts of the button image are transparent. Read/write.

OLEUsage OLEUsage OLEUsage
OnAction OnAction OnAction
Parameter Parameter Parameter
Parent Parent Parent
Picture Picture Picture

Gets or sets an IPictureDisp object representing the image of a CommandBarButton object. Read/write.

Priority Priority Priority
ShortcutText ShortcutText ShortcutText

Gets or sets the shortcut key text displayed next to a CommandBarButton control when the button appears on a menu, submenu, or shortcut menu. Read/write.

State State State
Style Style Style
Tag Tag Tag
TooltipText TooltipText TooltipText
Top Top Top
Type Type Type
Visible Visible Visible
Width Width Width


accDoDefaultAction(Object) accDoDefaultAction(Object) accDoDefaultAction(Object)
accHitTest(Int32, Int32) accHitTest(Int32, Int32) accHitTest(Int32, Int32)
accLocation(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Object) accLocation(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Object) accLocation(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, Object)
accNavigate(Int32, Object) accNavigate(Int32, Object) accNavigate(Int32, Object)
accSelect(Int32, Object) accSelect(Int32, Object) accSelect(Int32, Object)
Copy(Object, Object) Copy(Object, Object) Copy(Object, Object)
CopyFace() CopyFace() CopyFace()

Copies the face of a command bar button control to the Clipboard.

Delete(Object) Delete(Object) Delete(Object)
Execute() Execute() Execute()
Move(Object, Object) Move(Object, Object) Move(Object, Object)
PasteFace() PasteFace() PasteFace()

Pastes the contents of the Clipboard onto a CommandBarButton.

Reserved1() Reserved1() Reserved1()
Reserved2() Reserved2() Reserved2()
Reserved3() Reserved3() Reserved3()
Reserved4() Reserved4() Reserved4()
Reserved5() Reserved5() Reserved5()
Reserved6() Reserved6() Reserved6()
Reserved7() Reserved7() Reserved7()
Reset() Reset() Reset()
SetFocus() SetFocus() SetFocus()


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