MsoEnvelope MsoEnvelope MsoEnvelope Interface


Provides access to functionality that lets you send documents as emails directly from Microsoft Office applications.

public interface class MsoEnvelope : Microsoft::Office::Core::IMsoEnvelopeVB, Microsoft::Office::Core::IMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_Event
public interface MsoEnvelope : Microsoft.Office.Core.IMsoEnvelopeVB, Microsoft.Office.Core.IMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_Event
Public Interface MsoEnvelope
Implements IMsoEnvelopeVB, IMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_Event


Use the MailEnvelope property of the Document object, Chart object or Worksheet object (depending on the application you are using) to return an MsoEnvelope object.


CommandBars CommandBars CommandBars

Returns a CommandBars collection.

(Inherited from IMsoEnvelopeVB)

Introduction Introduction Introduction

Sets or returns the introductory text that is included with a document that is sent using the MsoEnvelope object. The introductory text is included at the top of the document in the e-mail.

(Inherited from IMsoEnvelopeVB)

Item Item Item

Returns a MailItem object that can be used to send the document as an e-mail.

(Inherited from IMsoEnvelopeVB)

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the Parent object for the specified object.

(Inherited from IMsoEnvelopeVB)


EnvelopeHide EnvelopeHide EnvelopeHide

Occurs when the user interface (UI) that corresponds to the MsoEnvelope object is hidden.

(Inherited from IMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_Event)

EnvelopeShow EnvelopeShow EnvelopeShow

Occurs when the user interface (UI) that corresponds to the MsoEnvelope object is displayed.

(Inherited from IMsoEnvelopeVBEvents_Event)

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