MsoTextCharWrap MsoTextCharWrap MsoTextCharWrap Enum


Indicates the type of text wrap.

public enum class MsoTextCharWrap
public enum MsoTextCharWrap
Public Enum MsoTextCharWrap


msoCharWrapMixed msoCharWrapMixed msoCharWrapMixed -2

Specifies a mixed text wrap.

msoCustomCharWrap msoCustomCharWrap msoCustomCharWrap 3

Specifies a custom text wrap scheme.

msoNoCharWrap msoNoCharWrap msoNoCharWrap 0

Specifies no text wrapping.

msoStandardCharWrap msoStandardCharWrap msoStandardCharWrap 1

Specifies wrapping text around the standard boundry of an object.

msoStrictCharWrap msoStrictCharWrap msoStrictCharWrap 2

Specifies text wrapping that adheres to restrictions imposed by some languages such as Chinese and Japanese alphabets.

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