SignatureInfo SignatureInfo SignatureInfo Interface


Represents the information used to create a digital or in-document signature.

public interface class SignatureInfo : Microsoft::Office::Core::_IMsoDispObj
public interface SignatureInfo : Microsoft.Office.Core._IMsoDispObj
Public Interface SignatureInfo
Implements _IMsoDispObj


Application Application Application

Gets an Application object that represents the container application for the SignatureInfo object. Read-only.

CertificateVerificationResults CertificateVerificationResults CertificateVerificationResults

Gets the results from the verification of a digital certificate. Read-only.

ContentVerificationResults ContentVerificationResults ContentVerificationResults

Gets a value representing the results of the verification of the hashed contents of a signed document. Read-only.

Creator Creator Creator

Gets a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the SignatureInfo object was created. Read-only.

IsCertificateExpired IsCertificateExpired IsCertificateExpired

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the digital certificate is expired. Read-only.

IsCertificateRevoked IsCertificateRevoked IsCertificateRevoked

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the digital certificate is revoked. Read-only.

IsCertificateUntrusted IsCertificateUntrusted IsCertificateUntrusted

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the digital certificate used to digitally sign a document comes from a trusted source. Read-only.

IsValid IsValid IsValid

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the signature was successfully validated following signature verification. Read-only.

ReadOnly ReadOnly ReadOnly

Gets a Boolean value indicating whether the SignatureInfo object is read-only. Read-only.

SignatureComment SignatureComment SignatureComment

Gets or sets a value containing comments included in a signature packet. Read/write.

SignatureImage SignatureImage SignatureImage

Gets or sets the value of the image used to sign the document. Read/write.

SignatureProvider SignatureProvider SignatureProvider

Gets a value identifying an installed signature provider add-in. Read-only.

SignatureText SignatureText SignatureText

Gets or sets the value of the signature text used to sign this document. Read/write.


GetCertificateDetail(CertificateDetail) GetCertificateDetail(CertificateDetail) GetCertificateDetail(CertificateDetail)

Displays a specified detail related to a digital certificate.

GetSignatureDetail(SignatureDetail) GetSignatureDetail(SignatureDetail) GetSignatureDetail(SignatureDetail)

Displays a specified detail related to a signature.

SelectCertificateDetailByThumbprint(String) SelectCertificateDetailByThumbprint(String) SelectCertificateDetailByThumbprint(String)

Displays a dialog box containing information about a digital certificate following vertification of the user from a thumbprint.

SelectSignatureCertificate(Object) SelectSignatureCertificate(Object) SelectSignatureCertificate(Object)

Displays a dialog box that allows users to select which signature certificate to use for signing a document.

ShowSignatureCertificate(Object) ShowSignatureCertificate(Object) ShowSignatureCertificate(Object)

Displays the selected or default digital certificate.

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