DocumentIdProvider DocumentIdProvider DocumentIdProvider Class


Represents the base abstract class for implementing a Document ID generator.

public ref class DocumentIdProvider abstract
public abstract class DocumentIdProvider
Public MustInherit Class DocumentIdProvider


<pre><code>using System;

using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement; using Microsoft.SharePoint;

namespace CustomDocIDProvider { /// &lt;summary&gt; /// This class provides an example of implementing a document ID provider. /// &lt;/summary&gt; /// &lt;remarks&gt; /// The format of ID is "{web Name}@{list Item Guid} is custom ID!" /// &lt;/remarks&gt; public class CustomDocumentIDProvider : DocumentIdProvider { // The format is "&lt;web Name&amp;gt;@&lt;list Item Guid&gt; is custom ID!" private string idFormat = "{0}@{1} is custom ID!";

    public override string[] GetDocumentUrlsById(SPSite site, string documentId)
        string itemUrl = string.Empty;
        // Only proceed if we have the site and document id
        if (site != null &amp;amp;&amp;amp; !string.IsNullOrEmpty(documentId))
            string[] splits = documentId.Split('@', ' ');
            string webName = splits.Length &amp;gt; 0 ? splits[0] : null;
            string itemId = splits.Length &amp;gt; 1 ? splits[1] : null;
                SPWeb web = string.IsNullOrEmpty(webName) ? site.OpenWeb() : site.OpenWeb(webName);
                SPListItem item = null;
                Guid itemGuid = new Guid(itemId);
                // Find the item among the lists on the specified web
                foreach (SPList list in web.Lists)

try { item = list.Items[itemGuid]; } catch { //if it's not in this list, go to the next one continue; } if (item != null) { itemUrl = web.Url + "/"; itemUrl += item.Url; } } } catch (Exception) { /* item not found, return an empty array*/ } }

if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(itemUrl))

return null; } else { return new string[] { itemUrl }; } }

    public override string GenerateDocumentId(SPListItem listItem)
        if (listItem == null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException("listItem");
        return string.Format(this.idFormat, listItem.Web.Name, listItem.UniqueId.ToString());

    public override string GetSampleDocumentIdText(SPSite site)
        return string.Format(this.idFormat, "/", "0");

    public override bool DoCustomSearchBeforeDefaultSearch
        get { return false; }



It is highly recommended that the Document ID generator provide IDs that are both unique and readily type-able by a user.


DocumentIdProvider() DocumentIdProvider() DocumentIdProvider()

Initializes a new instance of the DocumentIdProvider object.


DoCustomSearchBeforeDefaultSearch DoCustomSearchBeforeDefaultSearch DoCustomSearchBeforeDefaultSearch

Gets a Boolean value specifying whether the current instance of the provider custom search method (Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.DocumentIdProvider.GetDocumentUrlsById) should be called before built-in search is called when the user is trying to locate a document by its DocumentId value.


GenerateDocumentId(SPListItem) GenerateDocumentId(SPListItem) GenerateDocumentId(SPListItem)

Generates a document ID when provided with a list item parameter that corresponds to a document.

GetDocumentUrlsById(SPSite, String) GetDocumentUrlsById(SPSite, String) GetDocumentUrlsById(SPSite, String)

Implements a custom search method; returns an array of URLs pointing to documents with a specified DocumentId value.

GetSampleDocumentIdText(SPSite) GetSampleDocumentIdText(SPSite) GetSampleDocumentIdText(SPSite)

Returns the default Document ID value that will be initially displayed in the Document ID search web part.

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