AppEvents_Event.WorkbookBeforeXmlImport Event


Occurs before an existing XML data connection is refreshed or new XML data is imported into any open Microsoft Excel workbook.

 event Microsoft::Office::Interop::Excel::AppEvents_WorkbookBeforeXmlImportEventHandler ^ WorkbookBeforeXmlImport;
event Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.AppEvents_WorkbookBeforeXmlImportEventHandler WorkbookBeforeXmlImport;
Event WorkbookBeforeXmlImport As AppEvents_WorkbookBeforeXmlImportEventHandler 

Event Type



Use the BeforeXmlImport event if you want to capture XML data that is being imported or refreshed to a particular workbook.

XML features, except for saving files in the XML Spreadsheet format, are available only in Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and Microsoft Office Excel 2003.

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