DocEvents_Event.PivotTableAfterValueChange Event


Occurs after a cell or range of cells inside a PivotTable are edited or recalculated (for cells that contain formulas).

 event Microsoft::Office::Interop::Excel::DocEvents_PivotTableAfterValueChangeEventHandler ^ PivotTableAfterValueChange;
event Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.DocEvents_PivotTableAfterValueChangeEventHandler PivotTableAfterValueChange;
Event PivotTableAfterValueChange As DocEvents_PivotTableAfterValueChangeEventHandler 

Event Type



The PivotTableAfterValueChange event does not occur under any conditions other than editing or recalculating cells. For example, it will not occur when the PivotTable is refreshed, sorted, filtered, or drilled down on, even though those operations move cells and potentially retrieve new values from the OLAP data source.

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