PivotTable.PageFields[Object] PivotTable.PageFields[Object] PivotTable.PageFields[Object] Property


Returns an object that represents either a single PivotTable field (a PivotField object) or a collection of all the fields (a PivotFields object) that are currently showing as page fields. Read-only.

 property System::Object ^ PageFields[System::Object ^] { System::Object ^ get(System::Object ^ Index); };
public object PageFields[object Index] { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property PageFields(Optional Index As Object) As Object


Object Object Object

Optional Object. The name or number of the field to be returned (can be an array to specify more than one field).

Property Value


A hierarchy can contain only one page field.

For a PivotTable report based on a PivotTable cache, the collection of PivotTable fields that’s returned reflects what’s currently in the cache.

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