PivotTable.RepeatItemsOnEachPrintedPage PivotTable.RepeatItemsOnEachPrintedPage PivotTable.RepeatItemsOnEachPrintedPage Property


True if row, column, and item labels appear on the first row of each page when the specified PivotTable report is printed. False if labels are printed only on the first page. The default value is True. Read/write Boolean.

 property bool RepeatItemsOnEachPrintedPage { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool RepeatItemsOnEachPrintedPage { get; set; }
Public Property RepeatItemsOnEachPrintedPage As Boolean

Property Value


The PivotTable report must be the only one in the print area. To set an indented format for a PivotTable report, use the Format(XlPivotFormatType) method.

Microsoft Excel prints row and column labels in place of any print titles set for the worksheet. Use the PrintTitles property to determine whether print titles are set for the PivotTable report.

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