XlAutoFilterOperator XlAutoFilterOperator XlAutoFilterOperator Enum


Specifies the operator to use to associate two criteria applied by a filter.

public enum class XlAutoFilterOperator
public enum XlAutoFilterOperator
Public Enum XlAutoFilterOperator


xlAnd xlAnd xlAnd 1

Logical AND of Criteria1 and Criteria2.

xlBottom10Items xlBottom10Items xlBottom10Items 4

Lowest-valued items displayed (number of items specified in Criteria1).

xlBottom10Percent xlBottom10Percent xlBottom10Percent 6

Lowest-valued items displayed (percentage specified in Criteria1).

xlFilterAutomaticFontColor xlFilterAutomaticFontColor xlFilterAutomaticFontColor 13

Reserved for internal use.

xlFilterCellColor xlFilterCellColor xlFilterCellColor 8

Color of the cell

xlFilterDynamic xlFilterDynamic xlFilterDynamic 11

Dynamic filter

xlFilterFontColor xlFilterFontColor xlFilterFontColor 9

Color of the font

xlFilterIcon xlFilterIcon xlFilterIcon 10

Filter icon

xlFilterNoFill xlFilterNoFill xlFilterNoFill 12

Reserved for internal use.

xlFilterNoIcon xlFilterNoIcon xlFilterNoIcon 14

Reserved for internal use.

xlFilterValues xlFilterValues xlFilterValues 7

Filter values

xlOr xlOr xlOr 2

Logical OR of Criteria1 and Criteria2.

xlTop10Items xlTop10Items xlTop10Items 3

Highest-valued items displayed (number of items specified in Criteria1).

xlTop10Percent xlTop10Percent xlTop10Percent 5

Lowest-valued items displayed (percentage of items specified in Criteria1).

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