XlCellChangedState XlCellChangedState XlCellChangedState Enum


Specifies whether a PivotTable value cell has been edited or recalculated since the PivotTable report was created or the last commit operation was performed.

public enum class XlCellChangedState
public enum XlCellChangedState
Public Enum XlCellChangedState


xlCellChangeApplied xlCellChangeApplied xlCellChangeApplied 3

The value in the cell has been edited or recalculated, and that change has been applied to the data source. (Applies only PivotTable reports with OLAP data sources)

xlCellChanged xlCellChanged xlCellChanged 2

The value in the cell has been edited or recalculated.

xlCellNotChanged xlCellNotChanged xlCellNotChanged 1

The value in the cell has not been edited or recalculated.

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